Dubai: House of Sorority, a lifeline for female expats seeking genuine friendship

Members highlight the positive impact the community has had on their lives


Waad Barakat

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Photos: Supplied
Photos: Supplied

Published: Sat 20 Jan 2024, 6:00 AM

Last updated: Sat 20 Jan 2024, 10:14 PM

In an effort to address the common struggle faced by many female expats in Dubai, Jai took matters into her own hands and founded House of Sorority. This thriving community has become a lifeline for women who left their comfort zone back home and are now seeking genuine connections and friendships in their new environment.

Jai's Journey

Jai, a 30-year-old interior designer originally from London, experienced the challenges of starting a new life in Dubai first-hand. Moving to the UAE a year ago, she left behind her family and friends, hoping to embark on an exciting adventure.

However, she quickly discovered that building meaningful connections and finding a community where she could truly belong was not an easy task.

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Driven by the desire to create a supportive network for female expats, Jai founded House of Sorority. Initially starting as a Facebook group, she invited women who shared similar experiences as newly-arrived expats to connect and meet up. Within just two weeks, the group garnered an impressive following of 600 women from diverse backgrounds, ages, and ethnicities, all seeking genuine connections and lifelong friendships.


Recognising the need for a more streamlined and efficient platform, Jai developed an exclusive app for House of Sorority members. The app allows users to create profiles that showcase their interests and backgrounds, similar to a friendship-oriented version of Tinder. With over 1300 members now on the database, House of Sorority has become a thriving community where like-minded women can connect and build lasting friendships.

Jai explained the user experience. "You can create your own profile, upload your pictures, and even select your favourite cuisine of food. You can even search for friends who have similar interests," she said.


We had the opportunity to speak with three members of House of Sorority who shared their experiences and insights.

Alaina, a 23-year-old freelance content creator and marketer from London, joined House of Sorority after attending a few events. She described the community as a place filled with positive energy, where she has been able to meet trustworthy friends she can depend on.


Alaina shared a personal experience where she was involved in a car accident and had to be hospitalised. Five girls from House of Sorority, including Jai, came to visit her, providing a sense of assurance and support during a difficult time.

“At first you would think it’s just for fun and good times, but after that time it was very reassuring for me that I found true connections with these girls,” Alaina told the Khaleej Times.

Merlyn with a friend.
Merlyn with a friend.

Merlyn, a 27-year-old from Australia who moved to Dubai in August 2023, discovered House of Sorority while researching her new city. She attended the first event and quickly became a member.

Merlyn highlighted the creativity and attentiveness of the House of Sorority organisers, who cater to the diverse needs of the members. From casual coffee meet-ups to larger parties, the events are designed to provide a range of experiences that suit different preferences.

Ikram, a 29-year-old Canadian-American-Somali wife and mother, has been living in Dubai for six years. She came across House of Sorority on TikTok and decided to give it a try. As someone who found it challenging to make connections and form lasting friendships in Dubai, Ikram was pleasantly surprised by her experience with House of Sorority. She appreciates the networking opportunities and the flexibility the community offers. Being able to choose which events to attend without overthinking has allowed her to participate in activities that align with her schedule and interests.

Ikram with friends.
Ikram with friends.

These testimonials from House of Sorority members highlight the positive impact the community has had on their lives. From providing a support system during difficult times to offering a range of events that cater to diverse preferences, House of Sorority has created a space where female expats in Dubai can forge meaningful connections and build lifelong friendships.

House of Sorority recognises that every woman has a unique story to tell, and they have created a platform where these stories can be shared, celebrated, and used to inspire others. It is more than just a club; it is a sisterhood where every woman is valued, supported, and empowered.


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