Cleaner gets jail for killing supervisor's niece in Dubai

Dubai - The Court of First Instance convicted him of a murder charge

By Marie Nammour

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Published: Sun 26 Mar 2017, 3:47 PM

Last updated: Sun 26 Mar 2017, 5:51 PM

A general cleaner, who stabbed a woman to death in the neck after he failed to see her aunt (who was his supervisor at work), was sentenced to 15 years in jail on Sunday.
It is understood the 33-year-old Filipino went on August 7, 2016, to his countrywoman's flat in the Dubai Investment Park, Jebel Ali, to seek her help over a money-related issue and was only met by her niece. He was under the influence of alcohol, as per some witnesses, when he stabbed the niece to death.
The Court of First Instance convicted him of a murder charge and ordered his deportation after completing his sentence.
The cleaner admitted during investigation that he went to the flat of his supervisor to seek her help in talking to the Human Resources Section of the hotel, where he worked, about sparing him Dh 6,000 he owed to them. The victim opened for him and told him her aunt was not there and asked him to leave as he was very insistent. He went to the kitchen and brought a knife with which he threatened her, asking her again about her aunt. They had a fight before he stabbed her in the neck.
The defendant's supervisor said the victim was looking forward to being a nurse in Abu Dhabi and was to go back to her home country upon being approved.
"The accused resigned but he still owed the hotel Dh 6,000. I was busy I could not see him on the incident day".
She added the cleaner and other colleagues and friends used to visit her and cook together.
The defendant's brother said he came outside his building in the DIP around 5:30 pm on the incident day. "He was shaking as he told me to call the police because he killed someone. As I blamed him for what he did he told me not to do so and that he was not aware of what he did".
The forensic report showed the victim died because of a stab wound in the neck. Her face bore bruise marks mainly around her mouth which could be caused by punching.
She had also injury marks on the palms of her hands which might have resulted from her attempts to protect herself by grabbing the knife.
The court ruling may be appealed.

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