Iftar Review: The Restaurant at Address Sky View

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Published: Thu 29 Apr 2021, 9:19 PM

Last updated: Sat 1 May 2021, 3:54 PM

When it comes to iftar, Dubai does it right! With an array of iftar options around town, residents and tourists can enjoy some of the most sumptuous spreads across town. The iftar buffet at Address Sky View is one such dining experience that brings the concept of luxury dining to life. With glistening views of the ginormous Burj Khalifa overlooking The Restaurant, a poolside eatery, diners can enjoy a wide array of Middle Eastern dishes under the stars and skyline of the city.

By Somya Mehta

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Before you embark on your culinary journey at the live stations and buffet tables, you’re offered an array of traditional welcome drinks, such as Jallab, Tamer Hindi, Kamardin, made from a refreshing dose of dates, tamarind, apricot and other variations. The Kamardin deserved a special mention for its ability to quench thirst in an unparalleled manner, with the perfect concoction of fruity flavour and sweetness. One glass is surely not enough. Starting off with the cold mezze, which comprised Arabic staple salads and international favourites, like sushi and pesto salad, does an efficient job of working up your appetite. The hot mezze was sambousak galore, with a variety of meat, cheese, spinach fatayer and lamb kibbeh.

The main course was oozing traditional Ramadan flavours with a mega station of Lamb Ouzi, Arabic mixed grills, biryani and grilled seabass. A food heaven for meat lovers, the preparation of these exquisite grills also makes for a health-conscious feast. The vegetarians need not fear, as there are ample options to choose from, like delectable penne arrabiata, potato harra, and a delectable eggplant and chickpea tagine. After feasting on the heart iftar spread, make sure you leave some room for the luscious dessert spread, which includes an Arabic sweet platter with Hazelnut baklawa, pistachio roll and a nut-based kunafa amongst other traditional treats. However, their Mohalabia — a rose scented milk pudding, with pistachio, apricot and rose water, and sizzling Umm Ali–with roasted nuts and golden part, are a must-try for all dessert-lovers!

Taste (4.5/5): Whether it is the traditional drinks, lavish spreads of mezze, sumptuous main course with mixed grills and kebabs or the mouth-watering Arabian treats, the iftar experience at Address Sky View is the perfect combination of authentic taste, served in a contemporary setting.

Service (4.5/5): The service is prompt and efficient, making the dine-in journey smooth and swift. The staff has a good understanding of the intricate ingredients that go in the preparation of these authentic meals and generously assist you with refills and choosing a seating of your choice.

Presentation (4.5/5): With beautifully laid out tablescapes, including a serving of dates and Arabic tea, upon arrival, the iftar spread makes for an aesthetic feast. The cold mezze is served in separate bowls, decorated with local, seasoned garnish that make for some ‘gramworthy picks.

Ambience (4.5/5): Along with soft Arabic music playing in the background, The Restaurant has three seating areas to choose from, including outdoor seating with picturesque views of the skyscraper, dome seating surrounded by a lush flora and indoor seating with contemporary aesthetics for the warmer days.

Covid-consciousness (4/5): With three seating choices, The Restaurant spreads across a sizeable space of the hotel, with socially-distanced tables. The buffet is serviced by the restaurant staff, avoiding surface contact for the diners, who stand behind the barrier while their platters get filled with Arabian delights.


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