The UNSC moment

The United Nations Security Council is in an unchartered territory.

The Palestinian bid for statehood has pushed it in a dilemma of sorts wherein it has to read carefully the fine print of international law, UN conventions and moreover keep in view the aspirations and discretion of more than two-third members of the world body who support the right for independence and sovereignty. Though the United States has vowed to veto the move, the catch comes in how the 15-member Security Council debates and tackles the issue. All that it needs to do is to checkout a leaf from high diplomacy and convince Washington to abstain from the vote. Not only will that come as a goodwill gesture for the US, but also alleviate the role of the world body as a responsive agent in realistically addressing the issues of peace and tranquility.

President Barack Obama, who launched into presidency as the ‘we can change’ man on the world agenda, is already taking the flak for standing too docile when it comes to Israel. Cuban supremo Fidel Castro, in a rare Op-ed written from his bed rest, believes that Obama’s address to the UN defending the cause of Israel is nothing but gibberish. Irrespective of the fact that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has snubbed Obama to the core when it came to furthering the Mideast peace process, politics of expediency — conveniently being choreographed at the hands of the Democrats — has ridiculed his doctrine of walking an extra mile for the Muslim and Third world issues. Obama is in need of churning a surprise when the Security Council starts debating the statehood plea by directing his marshals to walk out without putting in a word of dissent. Let the envelope pass through to the General Assembly for a formal vote and recognition, if the Security Council wants it to be like that, as per the dictates of the covenant. This is a rare opportunity to tilt the game plan in favour of permanent peace, as the Palestinian-Israeli imbroglio has pushed the world on the brink of disaster.

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