The onslaught goes on

Israel, it seems, has a vested agenda. The killing of Hamas military chief, the attack on its headquarters in Gaza and more than 800 sorties inside the besieged enclave is testament to the fact that big trouble is in the offing.

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Published: Sun 18 Nov 2012, 9:22 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 12:49 AM

Moreover, the mobilisation of 75,000 reservists amid speculations of ground invasion of the Hamas-ruled territory is a worrisome factor. If such an expedition takes place, it won’t be a walkover for Israel. Hamas, and the like, are likely to deter the move with full might, and the intervention of extra territorial elements such as Hezbollah in the north of Israel can’t be ruled out. Irrespective of the fact that what prompted Tel Aviv to bombard Gaza, especially at this point of time, the Jewish state seems determined to settle scores with the Palestinians for their open-ended initiatives at the world body seeking recognition for an independent state. The reason Israel chose Gaza for its onslaught is quite obvious: as it was sure that retaliatory fire over its territories would be cited as an act of warfare providing it with enough propaganda material to evade war crimes charges.

What is more bothering the peace constituency across the world is the assertion by US President Barack Obama that Tel Aviv enjoys Washington’s support for its inviolable right to defend itself. This is disappointing, and rather biased in essence. Mr Obama, you are wrong. These acts of jingoism and adventurism on the part of Israel exhibit its hidden intention to further war crimes against a hapless community — as has always been the case with the Palestinians.

The fact, however, is that Israel this time around will be dealing with new geo-political realities. It will have to deal with a resurgent Egypt that is determined to stand by the Gazans come what may. Similarly, there is no dearth of supporters in the form of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Tunisia and many other Arab states that believe that enough is enough as far as Israel’s nuisance to harass its neighbours is concerned. This offensive in Gaza is an aggression, indeed, and the massacre is in need of being accounted for. The world conscience can no more tolerate bloodshed as a front exercise off and on to appease Israel’s vested political interests. Israel shouldn’t be allowed to go off the hook this time around.

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