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DUBAI’S BID for hosting the World Expo 2020 is gaining global traction and attention. The World Expo is arguably the world’s first and largest of its kind industrial fairs and has now expanded in tune with the changing times.

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Published: Fri 22 Jun 2012, 11:49 PM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 12:46 AM

When it started in the 1850s in the UK, taking on the national exhibitions organised earlier in France, the World Expo was a celebration of the Industrial Revolution sweeping across Europe.

The primary objective, in its initial years, was to showcase the progress achieved by mankind in industry, and also to create new markets for innovative products.

Today, the World Expo is seen as a powerful tool for business and cultural integration, providing the cities that host the event a rich development opportunity by bringing the best in business from across the world to take part in an extravagant trade showcase.

Much like events such as the Olympics, hosting the World Expo energises the local economy through massive infrastructure development —particularly in setting up the host venue —and in strengthening ancillary sectors, from hospitality to retail, aviation and overall trade.

Dubai’s bid is a strong testament to the confidence of the city in its credentials. Every indicator that befits a global city today also holds true for Dubai.

The Dubai International Airport welcomed close to 51 million passenger arrivals last year and is poised to be the world’s busiest even before the turn of the decade. A close competitor, Heathrow, has gone on record that it is hard, if not impossible, to challenge Dubai’s growth.

On the hospitality front, Dubai has recorded a 10 per cent growth rate in 2011 in terms of number of tourists; the visitors now also have a longer duration of stay in the city. The strength of the retail sector has been proved by The Dubai Mall welcoming more than 54 million visitors last year and the figures growing through 2012.

An expected $2 to $4 billion investment in infrastructure could be rolled out in Dubai to prepare for the mega trade event, once the 160 decision-making nations opt to select the city as the host nation for 2020. This will be a tremendous boost for the local economy, creating new jobs and also benefiting a host of businesses.

The bid for World Expo 2020 also has a strong community element to it. It presents a robust opportunity for every UAE resident to rally around a powerful global campaign that puts the spotlight on the country.

When across the world winds of uncertainty are brewing, the Dubai bid is like a fresh wind of confidence — one that underlines the vision of a city fully assured of its competencies.

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