Dangerous disregard

THE contest of wills between the conservatives and the reformists which took place more than two weeks ago, took a nasty turn when Iranian youngsters decided against taking part in the elections. Such an attitude emerged as the reformists failed in the confrontation with the hardliners.

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Published: Wed 18 Feb 2004, 12:14 PM

Last updated: Thu 2 Apr 2015, 1:14 AM

Young people look as if they are going to boycott the elections, to be held within a few days. They have begun to exchange SMS messages telling each other to abstain from voting. There is no doubt that this state of disappointment will make Iran the biggest loser, because the country is in need of an elected parliament to serve as the voice of the people and as a vehicle for achieving their aspirations. The parliament is also a big source of support for the government in the face of mounting pressure from the United States. The success of the liberals through the government of President Mohammed Khatami in handling the standoff with the US over the past several months as well as the support of the European states for the Islamic bloc’s efforts, could be exposed to a setback in case the major Western powers feel that there is only one player in the Iranian political arena, namely the conservatives, who are inclined, through their manners, to confront Washington. The Iranian youth, however, should not lose hope in achieving their aspirations. The future is theirs, so they should not ignore the present because the making of tomorrow has begun today.

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