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Which of Charlie Sheen’s siblings belongs to an iconic teen film from the eighties?

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Published: Sat 28 Mar 2015, 8:59 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 11:10 PM

The Breakfast Club (1985)

2015 marks the thirtieth anniversary of John Hughes’ iconic film centred around five teens who are forced to share a detention room for a couple of hours.

Hughes’ characters are stereotypical yet relatable – there’s the jock (Emilio Estevez), the golden girl (Molly Ringwald), the eccentric misfit (Ally Sheedy), the rebel (Judd Nelson) and of course, nice guy/bullied kid (Anthony Michael Hall). Despite squabbles, and periods of silence, the eventual bonding that occurs sends out a powerful message.

80s teen idol Estevez, the older brother of wildchild Charlie Sheen, shines in a sensitive portrayal of a jock with a conscience. Molly Ringwald, who also featured in other Hughes films like Pretty in Pink and Sixteen Candles, carries off her role as the seemingly spoilt pretty rich girl with aplomb.

It’s difficult to find fault with Hughes’ work (or maybe for nostalgic reasons we just don’t want to). Despite some wooden acting and contrived scenarios, the fact remains that all his films have heart. The Breakfast Club is no exception.


Starring: Molly Ringwald, Judd Nelson, Anthony Michael Hall, Ally Sheedy, Emilio Estevez


Love Connection

For those of you going ‘who?’ - Sydney Sierota is one fourth of sibling quartet Echosmith, who recently had a hit with Cool Kids. Even at the risk of raising the hackles of Niall’s ardent admirers the world over, we thought we would fix him up with this rather cool musician, 21, who both sings and plays guitar in her band.

It’s a well known fact that Niall loves playing guitar and even had the opportunity to share the stage once with Rolling Stones great Ronnie Wood. Niall and Sydney might just find they have a lot in common.


Rotten Apple

Event co-founder Firas Masri

A t-shirt with an Apple logo is pretty much all it takes to fool customers into believing you actually work in the store. Four pranksters, known on YouTube as NelkFilmz, decided to disguise themselves as Apple employees and disparage everything about Apple products to oblivious shoppers. Instead, they lauded the superiority of Microsoft products before being booted from the stores by management. Apparently free speech comes with a price.

To view this video, go to YouTube and search: Pretending to work at the Apple store.


Just for Laughs

What do misers do when its cold?

They sit around a candle.

What do they do when its very cold?

They light the candle.

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