Spidey enhanced by Zimmer soundtrack


Spidey enhanced by Zimmer soundtrack

Even Oscar-winning composers can use a little help once in a while.

By (AP)

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Published: Tue 29 Apr 2014, 11:17 AM

Last updated: Fri 3 Apr 2015, 6:31 PM

So it makes sense that Hans Zimmer created his own band of superhero hitmakers, including white-hot Pharrell, to work on The Amazing Spider-Man 2 soundtrack. The so-called Magnificent Six — which besides Pharrell includes Johnny Marr, Michael Einziger, Junkie XL, Andrew Kawczynski and Steve Mazzaro — works magic with Zimmer and helps him weave a strong musical accompaniment to the plot.

The score matches the hero’s character and journey — from the playful yet ominous The Electro Suite to the sinister orchestral-electro hybrid My Enemy to We’re Best Friends, which is highlighted by its unusual tempo.

The 20-track album’s crowning glory is the Pharrell co-penned It’s On Again, where Alicia Keys’ warm vocals provide a stark contrast to Kendrick Lamar’s growly tones. It’s an energetic tune that starts off with a hard electric guitar before getting enveloped by catchy pop beats.

Phosphorescent’s ballad Song for Zula is aided by cascades of violins, while LIZ’s impish funk That’s My Man claps itself into a loop of joy. Pharrell’s earnest vocals on the slow groove Here lull you into a sense of emotional security — we all know Peter and Gwen break up in this film — while Czarina Russell brings a classic rock sound to the proceedings on Within the Web (First Day Jam), just enough to inject hard edge into the album’s overall pop feel.

Zimmer and the Magnificent Six’s collaboration elevates the comic-book hero to heights he wouldn’t get to by relying on his superpowers alone.

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