David Light delves through the UAE's latest cinema releases


David Light delves through the UAEs latest cinema releases

Published: Wed 3 Feb 2016, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Fri 5 Feb 2016, 9:27 AM

The Finest Hours
SLIM PICKINGS THIS week, although this one looks okay. The Finest Hours is a true tale of voluntary Massachusetts coastguards in the 1950s. When a record-breaking storm rolls in, chief Eric Banner sends captain Chris Pine out to rescue a ship on the verge of disaster.
What the film lacks in plot intricacies, it makes up for with special effects. The storm scenes are marvellous on the big screen, but that's about it.
Michael O'Sullivan of the Washington Post wrote: 'It's a shame that this terrific story's engines keep flooding in the face of wave after wave of narrative inertia.'
Rotten Tomatoes gives it 60%
Jane Got a Gun
DESPITE THE PROMISING trailer in which Natalie Portman takes on the kick-a** role of gun toting Jane, the film hasn't been that well received.
A traditional Western with a female protagonist is a welcome addition to theatres and the trailer looks great. Although general consensus is, when the guns are put down, they story is a tad laboured.
We still think it's worth a try.
IMDb has it at 6.1
Capture the Flag
A VERY MIDDLING animation from Spain this week, although don't expect the story to have anything to do with the country in which it was produced.
The plot neither excites nor bores, as it focuses on a young boy's desire to go to the moon. The young boy's grandfather happens to be a retired astronaut, called up to train a new generation of moon-walkers. When the young boy and his friend sneak into NASA and into a rocket, his grandfather discovers their plan only to be shut in with them and blasted off.
IMDb gives it 5.9
FOR A HOME INVASION film, this one looks okay. After inheriting a load of cash, agoraphobic Anna (Beth Riesgraf) is home alone when three intruders enter. Unable to go outside, the robbers soon discover Anna is not as feeble as she may have initially appeared.
There is currently no rating for the movie

By David Light

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. The original rescue boat still exists and is kept at Rock Harbour, Massachusetts.

. Rory Culkin makes a return to the big screen in The Intruders.

. Characters Steve Gig and Bill Gags are based on Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

. After the Star Wars prequels, this film is the fourth film in which Natalie Portman and Ewan McGregor star together.

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