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While we're getting back to the grind, make sure you have these knick-knacks in your work bag.

By Nisthula Nagarajan

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Published: Fri 15 Jan 2021, 4:09 PM

Before you leave the house check that you've got your keys, wallet and phone (and your mask!). Make sure to store these at accessible locations in your bag. Don't let those back to work jitters and Sunday blues get you down, make your day easier with these quick hacks and must-haves.

Electronic essentials

Pack in earphones to block out noise and focus better on work, your phone charger to stay up to date with emails (and Instagram) as well as a power bank for if you're out and about for work with limited access to a power outlet.

Stay germ-free

As we continue to tackle the pandemic, keep a bottle of sanitiser handy for a quick fix when you can't rush to the bathroom to wash your hands. Clean your desk, keyboard, mouse and computer with wet wipes. Also, store a packet or two of tissues for any emergencies.

Moisturise me

Every time you wash your hands, you not only get rid of dirt but also oil that helps keep your hands soft and supple. The dryer your hands are, the more susceptible to aging and damage. Restore that moisture with luxurious hand cream, and maintain wrinkle-free, smooth hands. Also, keep a lip balm in hand to keep cracked lips at bay.

Old school cool

People may say that putting pen to paper is outdated, but sometimes writing an idea down can be the best way to flesh it out! Carry a few pens and a book to write notes during meetings, jot down reminders, to-do lists, and plan your day.

Freshen up

You've just had a lip-smacking lunch of pasta with sauce. But may have gone overboard with the garlic and your boss called you in for a meeting right after. Or maybe you've got morning coffee breath. Don't look so glum, pop in a piece of gum! Always carry a pack or two along. If you want to be extra thorough, mouthwash or even a travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste can shine those pearly whites in a jiffy.

Go eco-friendly

Bring your own mug from home to use to get your coffee fix during the day instead of using disposable cups. It's more hygienic and eco-friendly too! If you have a preferred brand of tea or coffee, purchase a box and store them in your desk draw. Get a one litre glass or metal water bottle, sip on it and hydrate yourself throughout the day.

Put comfort first

The way you look instills confidence in you and can even pick your day up. You put on your heels or your spotless black formal shoes, a modest dress or a suit and show up to buckle down and conquer the day. But comfort is important too! Ladies, carry ballet flats to switch out of those heels, and gents, wear slip-on shoes when you're at your desk. Also, carry a jumper or wear stockings to keep warm indoors, you can't always win the office thermostat fight!

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