Egypt's 'first single mother' triggers controversy online

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Egypts first single mother triggers controversy online
Hadir Makaqi. Photos via Twitter

While some have come out in support, others have labelled it as adultery and indecency, calling her derogatory names.

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Published: Tue 17 Jan 2017, 9:43 AM

Last updated: Tue 17 Jan 2017, 6:47 PM

Hadir Makaqi, believed to be the first single mother in Egypt, has made an appeal for support online for the custody of her baby.
According to Al Arabiya, the 27-year-old girl married under customary law and got pregnant, and later her husband divorced her before she delivered the baby boy.
Hadir took to social media calling out for support from the online community in case the court insists that the baby's custody should be given to his father.
According to media reports, she was married to Mahmoud Mustafi Fahim Barghout for several years, under customary law. The marriage was kept a secret because there were some issues with the father-in-law. However the couple divorced before the baby was born.
She later hired a lawyer to prove to her baby's paternity to her ex-husband, reports Al Arabiya.
Social media is divided on the issue, reports Al Bawaba. While some have come out in support, others have labelled it as adultery and indecency, calling her derogatory names. Twitterati was quick to respond with viral hashtags "single mother" and "I support Hadir Makaqi."
One person wrote, "Hadir has made sure that her son in the future will officially be a son of a w****."

While another said, "We have reached the age when the person who does things which are forbidden in religion is called open minded, and the woman who has sex outside of marriage is called a single mother and those who are god fearing and patient are called complicated."
Another person wrote, "They are supporting prostitutes, oh my God!! They enjoyed engaging in what is forbidden, and had a child who is the son of this forbidden behaviour. It's not better, and I don't #support Hadir. We support the right of the child. This is "zina" not love."
However, there were some who supported her saying: "The story is misunderstood, the woman is bullied and the man is not even accused."
Speaking to Al Arabiya, law professor Ahmad Mahran said, "What Hadir has done is illegal and is considered as adultery. He added that the girl should have witnesses to support her statements. Otherwise she will face several charges, one of which is resorting to social media to promote her case."

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