Indian goes from earning Dh450 to Dubai millionaire

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Indian goes from earning Dh450 to Dubai millionaire
Satish Gadoya says the UAE has given him whatever he had dreamt of. - Supplied photos

Dubai - "Life has been amazing to me, specially in the UAE."


Sandhya D'Mello

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Published: Sat 28 Jan 2017, 11:00 PM

Last updated: Sun 29 Jan 2017, 6:18 PM

Dubai is a land of opportunities and where hard work is always rewarded, says Satish Gadoya, chairman of Gadoya Holdings. He is the pioneer of the brand in UAE and has crossed the journey in four decades now with his sons taking over the reigns of the business operations.
Gadoya's Gulf journey started when he was just 22 years old, that was when he landed in Dubai in 1973. "I came here by a ship as one of my uncles lived in Oman and I always had in mind that one day even I have to go to some Gulf country to work. I cannot completely recall my first day in UAE. However, I remember that I had sea sickness. But the moment I reached the shore, I really liked Dubai and never felt out of place."
He adds: "My first job was with a construction company in Hatta. I got to know that there were openings so walked in and luckily I got selected. My first salary was Dh450. I kept a portion of my first salary with myself and I sent the rest of it to my father in India. I also had privilege to serve the Union Defence Force-UAE for sometime.
Gadoya reminisces that setting up a business was a very smooth process and he did not face any major challenge. The only criteria to set up business then was that local partners were required and he found that in a friend who worked with him for the UAE defence. Thus Gadoya Holdings began its journey in 1979, as a humble 10-member company.
He shares further that the UAE market was very welcoming in olden days and there was almost no competition and even if it was there then it was not as intense as it is today. "Now the situation is somewhat like survival of the fittest. The competition is growing every day and you have to be on your toes to survive and excel in the market. Earlier every day came as new opportunity and now it seems that every day comes with a new challenge bringing out the best."
He attributes his success to his wife and said: " My wife encouraged me to start a business and she is the motivation behind all my success stories."
"Life has been amazing to me, specially in the UAE. This place has made me what I am today. Of course, God has been kind to me and my parents played a very crucial role in my success. But I must accept that this place also gave me whatever I dreamt off. It gave a safe environment for my family, peace of mind and ample opportunities to grow and excel in every vertical of life. The golden rule that I follow is to be always honest in every situation of life. Be it professional or personal."
Gadoya is a great admirer of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He shares he would love to travel to Orlando and Florida; and is great fan of the golden era movie titled 'Baiju Bawra.
He advises that anyone coming to the UAE must be ready to work hard and remain sincere and focused towards their goal. There is nothing which you cannot achieve here. There is no short cut to success and hard work is the only key.
"I was very determined to make my career in UAE and I always had my eyes on my destination. The UAE was a new place for me when I arrived, so many things fascinated me and many came as a pleasant surprise. I was never disappointed with anything. I focused on my goals so never had time for disappointments," he said.
It all began with 10 people
Gadoya Holdings, which has more than $500 annual turn over began with 10 people in 1979.
The group now boasts a network of 14 companies with a workforce of over 900 employees.
With an annual turnover in excess of $500 million, Gadoya is a renowned name in industries such as electrical, plastics, engineering, travel (, real estate, advertising and sports.
Satish Gadoya, chairman of Gadoya Holdings, told Khaleej Times he did not face any challenge in setting up the business. "I was certain that I want to do something of my own now. Since I am a mechanical engineer, I used my experience to start electrical trading in Sharjah and later spread it to all the emirates.

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