Stop the gamblers

According to a news item, two Bangladeshis were arrested for using playing cards and organising a public gambling in the Naif area.

By (M. Mumtaz Hussain, Dubai)

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Published: Fri 16 Jan 2015, 9:54 PM

Last updated: Thu 25 Jun 2015, 9:45 PM

They fixed ironing table, screwdriver, belt and a deck of playing cards, calling the pedestrians to bet Dh50 on each card and gamble.

Gambling is illegal in the UAE and those found guilty can be jailed for two years followed by deportation. For those who operate the betting games, the jail term can be extended up to 10 years followed by deportation.

The gambling activity can be monitored at Sabka station Pedestrian tunnel Intersection, Rasheed Road in Naif and the Deira Side (opposite of Muteena Park). Likewise, the gamblers can be seen in Abu Dhabi near Madina Zayed Shopping Centre. They are there between Lifeline signal and Madina Zayed bus stop. The residents of Sharjah are also facing this problem, families and children are afraid to walk along the streets of Rolla. Often these gambling activities result in gang fights.  They are also a threat to the pedestrians. They make noises, quarrel with each other. It has been very hard now for women to walk in the evening in the gambling areas.

According to a report, this is part of an organised gambling racket that is operating in the UAE. The culprits do not conduct these activities themselves but hire others to perform it while they stand around to supervise the ongoing gambling activity.

The concerned authorities are requested to take strict action and penalize the culprits.

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