SMS competitions

This has to do with the alarming number of SMS-related competitions held by the various radio stations. “Send us your SMS at the earliest, and win amazing prizes,” says the radio jockey, leaving us, listeners in a rather precarious situation, whether to drive the car or send the SMS.

By A X Xavier, Dubai

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Published: Wed 27 Jun 2012, 8:51 PM

Last updated: Tue 7 Apr 2015, 12:44 PM

I am sure quite a few among us will choose to do both at the same time. And if this is indeed the case, isn’t it a very dangerous scenario?

I have always maintained that driving is a highly responsible task that requires utmost attention, as we are not only putting our own safety at risk, but that of others, too.

I do not know the statistics of accidents caused specifically by people sending SMS. I do not even know whether any accidents of this nature have occurred so far. But, what I do know is that considering the volume of people going to offices and sending such SMS, there is a disaster waiting to happen. Any sane human being will tell you that sending an SMS while driving a vehicle is a definite prescription for accidents.

Considering the number of radio stations in the UAE, there is at least one SMS competition every minute attracting the thousands of drivers. My suggestion is to completely do away with such SMS related competitions. We already have enough dial-in related competitions in place.

I am not saying that this will prevent people from sending SMS or live responsibly. But if such a move can prevent at least one fatal accident, if we can prevent the sufferings of the loved ones of at least one such victim, isn’t that good enough?

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