Child Abuse

Published: Sun 20 Nov 2016, 7:41 PM

Last updated: Sun 20 Nov 2016, 9:44 PM

It is shocking to read about the rise in the number of child abuse cases, and pertinently of cases of neglect among children. There are vast differences in the style of parenting among cultures, but the essence of parenthood is to raise emotionally, mentally and physically healthy children. So how can parents then have such a cavalier approach to their own children, and for that matter towards other children as well? It is good that the UAE government recognises the need for a law that protects rights of children.
- Annapoorna D., Sharjah
Rampant genocide
The genocide in Myanmar should stop immediately. The United nations should take proper steps to save the rohingya Muslims. Every day poor people are being killed by the Myanmar army with the support of Buddhist monks.- M A Mannan, Abu dhabi
Demonetisation drive
I appreciate the move taken by narendra Modi to fight against black money. But it is the common people who are facing the consequences of this (move). A number of cases of death have been reported. People are facing difficultly in buying every day items. The move was quick and unexpected. hope everything goes well.- Akhil Rahman Ashraf

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