Boston attacks

The terrorist attack on the Boston Marathon was certainly cruel and horrifying.

By (Samaoen Osman, by email)

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Published: Tue 30 Apr 2013, 9:12 PM

Last updated: Sat 4 Apr 2015, 7:47 AM

The two Chechen brothers who were captured by the Boston police — one dead, one gravely injured — seem to fit into the typical “militant” category:

After leading relatively secular and modern lives in the US, at the older one, Tamerlan, at least, seems to have a born-again moment and was “radicalised” back in the Caucasus.

It is not even clear whether these two young men are really the culprits of the attack. Yet the unfolding of the events have been enough for the media to conclude that this is yet another case of terrorism in the name of Islam. A recent piece in the Wall Street Journal puts it clear enough: “Make No Mistake, It Was Jihad.”

Therefore, unless a big surprise comes up in the upcoming weeks, the Boston attacks will go down in the record as something related to Islam. And it will make the lives of Muslims living in the West more difficult.

Of course, no extremist can ever represent a whole community, let alone the Muslims of the whole world. That is why we call them extremists.

Yet it is inevitable that the crimes of the few, especially since they are committed in 
the name of Islam, will raise questions about the attitudes 
of all Muslims.

Therefore, it is imperative 
that Muslims, especially 
Muslims in the West, speak 
out on this issue.

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