Zofeur: Drop your car off at your preferred service facility for only Dh 49

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Published: Fri 16 Sep 2022, 1:01 PM

Last updated: Tue 27 Dec 2022, 10:36 AM

First time in Dubai, individuals can now save a lot of time with zero additional cost to drop off their car or even pick it up from the garage.


Anam Khan

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In today’s busy life, where every minute counts, one wonders how to manage time when you need to drop off your car or even pick it up from the garage. This can be a daunting task.

Moreover, people delay sending cars to regular service due to time constraints. The car servicing industry pretty much works around the daylight schedule, which leaves no room for working professionals to drop it during their business hours. The dilemma leaves car owners with two tough choices, either wake up early to drop the car at the service or leave the office early to do the same.

Enter the world of Zofeur, the world's first on-demand pay-per-minute chauffeur services platform.

It is known for its on-demand drivers on a PAY-PER-MINUTE basis and is available in under 20 minutes anywhere in Dubai.

Now, Zofeur has introduced a new drop-off and pick-up from garage service for your car anywhere in Dubai. You can now request to move your car from point A to B with one tap on your phone. The seamless process gives everyone peace of mind with pictures taken before and after, and users can even track the car remotely through the Zofeur app.

That’s not all; Zofeur has launched a tech-enabled B2B tool, which allows businesses in the automotive industry to seamlessly integrate systems to book on-demand drivers. This has attracted interest from hundreds of businesses within a few weeks of launch.

“We are on the verge of finalising partnerships with the biggest gas station chain in the UAE, major car rental and reseller companies, and car garages and workshops. Any partner who joins the Zofeur B2B platform will be able to provide free pick/drop services to their clients and get free marketing to thousands of regular Zofeur customers on our mobile apps. Our systems will enable any small or big player in the automotive industry with additional features like one-click invoicing to collect money without any hassle from their clients, free CRM, all the documents in one place and much more.” says Bunty Monani, CEO and co-founder at Zofeur.

Ishrath Hasmin, COO and co-founder at Zofeur said: “In-house drivers are the most under-utilised resource in any business. Businesses require flexible drivers on demand to save costs and scale their core activity without going through the hassle of hiring full-time drivers and wasting resources. We help their clients build customer loyalty by delivering convenience whilst enabling scalability in operations. With Zofeur services, clients can save operational costs, scale their business logistically and track their fleet remotely.’’

In a short period, Zofeur has connected over 70,000 customers with 1000s of on-boarded professional drivers across the city. You can hire a personal driver on a pay-per-minute basis or multi-hour starting from Dh 38 per hour. They also assist your RTA Inspection service from the comfort of your own home for just Dh 69 only.

The all-in-one platform now plans to target 10,000 automotive service partners across the region in the coming months. They also plan to add lots of ancillary car-related services, starting with recovery trucks.

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