What To Write On A Happy New Year Card


Published: Wed 31 Aug 2022, 10:39 AM

Last updated: Thu 1 Sep 2022, 10:16 AM

The New Year period is a moment of immense celebration. Writing and sending out Happy New Year cards is a way of keeping the celebration mood alive. Different ethnic groups celebrate the new year in their unique ways, marking the beginning of another 365/366 days. No matter how a group celebrates the new year, cards are always included in the festivities. These cards should be written with a light tone and with much delight and happiness that it feels as though it is being read in person to the recipient. It is worth knowing that several сelebrations are carried out throughout the year based on the lunar and gregorian calendars. They are the Chinese new year, Tamil new year, Jewish new year, and the Islamic new year. Writing a happy new year card could be a lot of trying to source the perfect card in a gift shop or a bookshop. With Boomf, an online cards and gifts shop in the UK, sending out personalised cards to families and loved ones have become undeniably easier. The process of writing a New Year Card is more enjoyable.

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How to choose a happy new year card?

Choosing cards on Boomf can range from choosing a confetti-themed card, animal-themed card, or other cards on the platform. After thoroughly searching and picking out the desired theme card, a personalised message (if you want) can be sent to Boomf editors, which will be sent to the recipient.

What to write?

From just a simple new year message to lengthy poems, different notes could be written on a personalised card for your families and loved ones. Wishing your favourite person could range from saying it in a casual or friendly way. Keep in mind that a card is written based on the relationship with the recipient. For a friend or family member, a free tone could be made use of and in the message, their friendship could be appreciated. For a co-worker or business partner, a message showing them how their partnership or service provision brings progression to your business could be made mentioned. Some examples of what to write in a card for a friend include:

● Hey pal, let’s make this new year better than the last!

● [insert name], a fresh start begins today!

● You rode in happiness with me the previous year, let’s make this one just the same.

● I know I said this a year ago, but hey, Happy New Year, again.

Friends and families always fill the chart of those that get a card, but business partners and associates should not be forgotten as well. Here are some ideas of what to write on a card for business partners:

● Can I say enough thank you to you for your unending support? Not! May our business collaboration benefit us both this coming year. Wishing you a prosperous year ahead.

● We cannot wait to work with you this new year and achieve every one of our goals together. From my team and me, Happy New Year.

● As we look back on the previous year, we got to realise how much you have done for our company. We want to immensely thank you for your partnership and wish you a very productive and result-filled New Year. To another year of your cooperation, cheers!

There it is. Now you have different kinds of messages under your belt that can inspire you to write your heartfelt wish in a new year card.

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