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Published: Wed 16 Nov 2022, 11:36 AM

Last updated: Wed 16 Nov 2022, 11:48 AM

In the current era of globalisation, although the world has become a global village, it is becoming more divided as it grows larger. Millions of people are still thriving for basic needs like food and shelter, while many are finding their way out of the natural disasters that took everything away from them. Fighting against global issues on various platforms or going above and beyond to help those in crisis – NGOs from all over the world are contributing to a global cause of serving humanity. Some work within the borders, but some go above and beyond their boundaries just to help those in need. Intending to provide emergency crisis care and aid refugees around the world, the very dynamic Ayat Abuznade founded Team Humanity USA in 2019.

By Deepak Jain

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To help the most vulnerable communities across the world, Team Humanity USA is committed to alleviating human suffering by giving back to those who are distressed. This non-governmental organisation was established with the aim of giving people hope and helping them rebuild their lives from scratch. With their countless efforts in various domains, the organisation is bringing about a change to make the world a better place.

Over the years, Team Humanity USA has grown by leaps and bounds. The NGO is more than an organisation, in fact, it has become a global community that is helping the most vulnerable. With the goal to reach every part of the world, they go beyond borders to help the needy, including families, children, etc. They have taken initiatives themselves and become part of various projects and campaigns just to bring smiles to those suffering.

Through sheer commitment and dedication, Team Humanity USA is currently providing international relief work in Afghanistan, Lebanon, Kenya, Ukraine, as well as Pakistan. As of now, the organisation is working to evacuate Afghan families, women, and children to safety. They have served and evacuated over 1500 people from Afghanistan. Team Humanity USA has also served over 10,000 families in Lebanon, providing food packages and refugee camps to displaced people who lost everything in the war. They are also working in Kenya to provide the communities with clean water.

Moreover, founder Abuznade recently visited Pakistan to help the flood victims. For those who don’t know, floods in Pakistan have created over a 100-kilometre lake—inland—that can be seen from space. Heavy rainfall, coupled with a heatwave, resulted in a flood that took the lives of more than 1000 individuals. People not only lost their belongings but also their loved ones. The catastrophic disaster affected 33 million people, with 14 per cent of Pakistan’s population displaced, 949,858 homes destroyed, 719,558 livestock deaths, and over 1500 injured.

The monsoon also destroyed 3,451 kilometres of roads and 149 bridges. The floods have left Pakistan in a state of crisis, with economic, environmental and social repercussions that will be felt for years to come. The people of Pakistan faced a tremendous loss, and they were in need of relief. Abuznade, along with Team Humanity USA, visited Pakistan to provide women, children, and families with necessities, including food, clean water, and life-saving drugs that they urgently needed.

The woman behind this one of its kind organisation, Abuznade, has seen people suffer for years. She is on a mission to help them come out of the shackles and live the life they deserve. Her journey began with a tragic incident when she was volunteering at the Zaatari Refugee Camp in 2014. Abuznade got connected with many families at the largest camp for Syrian refugees, Zaatari, located at the border of Syria and Jordan. Watching an eight-year-old boy lose his battle against life in front of her eyes due to a brutal missile attack shifted Abuznade’s perspective of life by 360 degrees.

Flying back home, getting flashbacks of the gruesome tragedy, Abuznade decided that she would dedicate herself and spend the rest of her life making a difference in the lives of children and families fleeing conflict and living in poverty all over the world. She continued to travel frequently, volunteering at several camps that helped protect people recovering from war. Abuznade vowed that she would continue doing everything in her power to instil hope and bring happiness back into the lives of those suffering and regularly visited various camps, helping people ease their pain all over the world.

When she launched Team Humanity USA almost three years ago, Abuznade knew that there would always be a need for more in the world. She went on to serve beyond borders and beyond limits to create better lives for future generations. Abuznade and her team are committed to providing humanitarian and educational outreach to vulnerable communities in the US and abroad by responding to major emergencies, fighting disease and poverty, as well as nurturing and promoting human welfare.

Deepak Jain is an independent content writer.

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