Social media opened up immense opportunities amidst pandemic - Pooorblack

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Published: Sun 21 Nov 2021, 12:33 PM

Last updated: Sun 21 Nov 2021, 12:35 PM

The social media explosion over the last decade has completely revolutionised several aspects of life. At its inception, social media was a way to connect with friends and loved ones from all parts of the world. Now, it has evolved into an indispensable business tool and source of employment. According to Pooorblack, the changes that have taken shape over the last decade serve to show the potential of the social media landscape, and there is still much more to come.

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Parisa Pourmeshki, better known as Pooorblack, is an actress and influencer, best known for her funny videos on Instagram. She has years of experience on social media and has had to adapt to an ever-changing space. Having begun her journey in 2015, she leveraged her consistency to become a trendsetter in 2020, when the pandemic once again redefined the role of social media. With the rise of TikTok, Pooorblack has expanded her portfolio to include content and video creation.

Just as Pooorblack has fallen in love with her career on social media, many other people have also found successful career paths through this medium. The continued growth of social media has seen many people rushing to capitalize on the new opportunities that have opened up. The demand for social media marketing and the growing need for digital marketing has created an unprecedented requirement for skilled workers to fill roles within the space. And according to Pooorblack, we’re living in an age where business and career success are linked to social media.

A large number of young people today use social media as a source of career growth and expansion. Social media has also evolved into an educational space that is helping people up their skills. Pooorblack says that social media has made it very easy to learn and develop new skills. She cites how the rise of TikTok prompted her to learn and venture into video content creation, especially after observing its market demand.

Social media has also become the marketing method of choice for most businesses in 2021. Pooorblack reiterates that it is an excellent medium for companies to reduce their carbon footprint and reach their target audiences more efficiently. Many companies have also turned to social networks for their recruitments, making it necessary for applicants to have some knowledge of these platforms.

So, what are some of the skills you need to make a thriving career on social media?

According to Pooorblack, you need at least one or more of the following skills, on top of having a grip over your niche, to succeed on social media. And in case you can’t learn all the skills yourself or don’t have the time, you can always outsource them.

• Knowledge of the platforms

It is not enough that you have an account on each social media platform. You need to understand these platforms and what each is used for. Pooorblack explains that each platform has its unique set of features, algorithms, and rules. Familiarising yourself with all these aspects will help you optimise your use of each platform. For instance, identifying which platforms are better suited for B2C communication compared to B2B will help you prepare accordingly.

• Strategic skills

Social media is more than just posting daily and retreating to work on the next day’s content. Pooorblack says that she has to invest time and effort to come up with the content, considering the target audience and what she intends to put across with every bit of content. Likewise, if you want a successful career in the digital space, you need to know how to create a diverse content calendar that cuts across all platforms. You should also have strategies to help you nurture relationships with audiences and clients.

• Copywriting skills

Your copy can make or break your content. You’ve got to know when to use hashtags, when to adopt a casual tone, and when to be a bit formal. Writing a social copy is one of the ways you can hook people to your content. Pooorblack explains that it can be a head-scratching task, but when you learn to write natural copies, you are well on your way to success in the digital space.

• Copyright knowledge (even at a basic level)

Pooorblack notes that copyright knowledge is fundamental in your social media climb. You cannot just share images you get off the internet or copy content from other people. You also need to know which songs and clips you can use on your platforms without having to face legal issues. Similarly, you must also know how to legally protect your own content from getting copied or stolen.

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter have become very popular platforms with billions of users. The rise of e-commerce has seen these platforms become havens for businesses to reach their consumers. Pooorblack says that the digital transformation is changing how we consume content and connect with each other, and social media has indeed been a part of all these changes.

Going forward, Pooorblack projects that this explosion is unlikely to slow down. Therefore, it is crucial to consider all the ways that social media can help you kick start your career in 2021 and push it beyond.

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