Sheikh Salah Bukhatir: The Businessman and Quran reciter who leads prayers at Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi Mosque

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Published: Mon 24 Apr 2023, 4:19 PM

Sheikh Salah Bukhatir, the man behind the riveting voice leading prayers at the Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi Mosque since 1996 in Sharjah, is also revered as a visionary leader and remarkable entrepreneur with an exceptional reputation in the Emirati business community. He holds esteemed positions as the chairman of the Bukhatir Group and as a board member of several leading companies and academic institutions in the UAE.

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Renowned worldwide for his captivating Quran recitations, Sheikh Salah Bukhatir's remarkable Du’a (prayer of supplication) has endeared him to an innumerable fanbase. The experience of praying alongside Sheikh Salah Bukhatir is described as mesmerising, with his voice often compared to that of Al-Sudais, one of the nine Imams of the Grand Mosque Masjid Al Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

In the month of Ramadan, Sheikh Salah Bukhatir's voice holds an extraordinary significance as Muslims from all seven emirates converge on the prominent mosque, where he has been leading prayers for almost thirty years. Although the Sheikh Saud Al Qasimi Mosque can accommodate around 2,300 individuals, the nightly Ramadan prayers attract an overwhelming number of over 15,000 worshippers, with some nights reaching an astonishing 45,000.

Sheikh Salah Bukhatir's influence extends beyond his alluring recitations of the Quran. He is also a well-respected individual in the education sector of the UAE and is the founder and chairman of Bukhatir Education Advancement and Management (BEAM).

Under his leadership, BEAM has continued to elevate the paradigm of education in the region by bestowing high caliber pedagogy, underpinned by ethos and virtues. Additionally, BEAM’s Creative Science Schools are renowned for awarding annual scholarships of up to 100 per cent to students who memorise the Quran and have graduated over 250 memorisers till date.

Sheikh Salah Bukhatir's legacy is a true testament to his unwavering pursuit of excellence that endures to inspire others to strive for exceptional achievement.

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