Satish Jaiswal on his entrepreneurial journey

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Published: Tue 25 Apr 2023, 2:50 PM

Words like startup and entrepreneurship have recently become prominent topics of conversation among young Indians. StartUp India must be credited with this achievement. StartUp India has been critical to this good wave of development. This historic project has helped young people to foster their creativity and realise their ambitions of launching a business. Here is the story of another follower of the startup trend — Satish Kumar Jaiswal, founder of Jaiswal furniture.

By Belal Tarique

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Hailing from a business family, the idea of business was inculcated in Jaiswal right from childhood as he grew up in a business environment. And hence the decision to choose business as a career. Meanwhile, his father started a furniture supply business in 1989. You've probably heard that when a woman resides in a house, it transforms into a home. Similarly, a house only becomes a home when it is nicely decorated. The idea was well picked by Jaiswal and he decided to take his father’s business to the next level at the age of less than 20 when he moved to Hyderabad where he opened his own furniture manufacturing unit. He envisioned customised furniture as the future of furniture manufacturing and started creating customised furniture as per the choice of his customers. He emphasised quality and affordability and as a result, his business took the fast track in no time which turned him into one of India’s youngest business magnets.

When asked about his marketing strategies that made him grow so fast, he said that they used both print and digital media to publish ads to attract clients, admitting the fact that such fast growth was possible only because of the digital revolution. Soon enough, the young and futuristic entrepreneur made a tie-up with OYO — India’s biggest hospitality chain of leased hotels and homes with a global presence. It was a brilliant idea that came out from the bright and sharp mind of young entrepreneur to scale up his business at a rapid pace. He now exports his products globally. He now envisions to open outlets in every state of India.

There is also a philanthropic angle of Jaiswal that makes him donate beds and other furniture to NGOs which can benefit underprivileged children and the aged.

His advice for aspiring young entrepreneurs is to focus more on fieldwork rather than a degree as he believes there is a big difference between the two. He thinks a person can actually learn from doing things hands-on. He also suggests young minds build a habit of calculated risk-taking without which he believes big success is far away from reaching. Jaiswal is taking forward India’s startup saga in a huge way by taking Made in India furniture to the global stage.

— Belal Tarique is the content strategist at Teamology Softech and Media Private Limited.

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