Ronnie Teja on e-commerce success strategies for 2023

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It is essential for established and emerging entrepreneurs in the industry to understand how they can climb the ladder to success in the world of e-commerce

By Abdullah Hanif Ahmed Quraishi

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Published: Mon 26 Dec 2022, 6:13 PM

The kind of massive momentum and the level of incredible growth a few industries have attained so far in all these years can be attributed to so many different reasons. One reason is undoubtedly the relentless drive, efforts and passion of professionals, who put in every possible measure to get closer to the goals and visions they seek in their journeys. Another essential factor is the constant tech advancements and the adoption of the changing tech trends that have brought massive positive changes across industries. The e-commerce space is no alien to such extraordinary changes, which have led to the exponential rise of the industry. It could also become possible because of entrepreneurial talents like Ronnie Teja, who today has come forward to talk about how people can succeed in the e-commerce space in 2023.

  • Choose mobile first: Ronnie Teja, who is a serial entrepreneur, explains how m-commerce has seen a swift rise and it only continues to grow in the coming years. Hence, it is essential to rely on the mobile-friendliness of one’s site. A mobile-friendly online store enables a seamless shopping experience, and building a progressive web application can take it to the next level.
  • Always target a niche audience: Understanding one’s target demographic is the foundation on which e-commerce business success lies. Ronnie Teja says that instead of broadly targeting audiences, entrepreneurs must target a niche audience, understand the pain points and interests and position their brand accordingly.
  • Focus on creating unique content: Today, everything revolves around great content, be it on e-commerce sites or social media. Hence, entrepreneurs must focus on creating diverse, high-quality and attention-grabbing content while also creating content marketing strategies that can bring their brands and stores to the people they aim to cater to.
  • Offer the best shopping experience: People today expect much more due to the boom of the online world and tons of e-commerce sites. Hence, the focus should always be on improving customer satisfaction, and for this, a few factors must be considered, like providing personalised communication, recommending products or reminding them of their abandoned carts, or even introducing them to the latest products/services.

Teja, founder of Branzio Watches, a Canadian multipreneur, originally hails from Mumbai. Moving to Canada in 2007 as a 21-year-old, he became the first generation immigrant. He started small and, after varied work experiences, jumped into the digital space and, since then, has only thrived in e-commerce and the digital marketing realms. Besides this, Teja is also a speaker and presenter across summits around the world.

— Abdullah Hanif Ahmed Quraishi is a journalist and media entrepreneur

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