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Published: Tue 27 Dec 2022, 4:27 PM

With the new year on the Horizon, QNET has announced a pledge to continue being unabashed in its advocacy for issues that it believes in and remain consistent on its CSR strategy. The e-commerce based direct selling company is looking back at a retrospective of its 2022 initiatives in the UAE for inspiration.

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The company is deeply involved with humanitarian and charitable initiatives around the world through its CSR arm, the RYTHM Foundation (which stands for ‘Raise Yourself to Help Mankind’). QNET has committed itself to build a path toward a brighter future by focusing on initiatives that promote sustainability, education, job opportunities, women’s empowerment, and so on.

Commenting on QNET’s CSR initiatives in the past year, Malou Caluza, CEO at QNET, said, “We cherish the act of giving because we are aware of the change that we can achieve. We do not limit ourselves to any type of giving; whether it’s a monetary donation, food, raising awareness or anything else, we are glad to have the opportunity to make a difference in the world, even if it’s only for one individual.”

“Over the past year, we have been extremely active with CSR activities, engaging in community services and supporting non-governmental organisations. We hope that these initiatives demonstrate our deep commitment to charity and giving back. As we move into 2023, we pledge to continue doing our best to live by the principle of ‘Raise Yourself to Help Mankind’ and work towards the betterment of society,” Caluza added.

One of the most notable examples of QNET’s CSR activities in the UAE this year was its promotion of breast cancer awareness during the eponymous month in October. The company participated in the ‘We Conquer’ Breast Cancer Awareness Drive to show solidarity and support to women diagnosed with breast cancer and breast cancer survivors.

Caluza, a survivor of breast cancer herself, reiterated the importance of support for people dealing with cancer, to inspire them through the collective passion of the community. QNET also raised awareness about the importance of early detection to combat breast cancer. She said: "The survival rate for breast cancer can be increased to 95 per cent with early detection and accurate diagnosis."

QNET also promotes women’s empowerment through financial independence in MENA. With FinGreen, its financial literacy programme to help vulnerable groups, especially women and young people, QNET helped people develop healthy financial habits through education and training.

Additionally, the company also provides training and mentoring to help women develop valuable skills necessary for self-employment and entrepreneurship. Over 74 per cent of distributors working in direct sales are women, providing them with independence and opportunity. QNET also helps women grow their network.

QNET has also used the flexibility and freedom that the direct selling industry provides to empower young people to become economically independent. The company aims to enable young people to develop entrepreneurial proficiency. It does so through upskilling workshops that teach them to leverage their technological prowess, strong connection to the community and powerful sense of social responsibility to generate a sustainable source of income outside less flexible, traditional career paths.

The primary focus of QNET’s CSR activity was on promoting sustainability. The company has committed itself to supporting water resiliency among others. It promoted water sustainability awareness and the importance of plastic alternatives in a social awareness campaign in partnership with Dubai’s leading radio stations. This campaign was in line with the ‘Dubai Can’ initiative launched by Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council

To combat climate change and deforestation, QNET launched its Green Legacy with Certified B Corporation, EcoMatcher to tackle global deforestation and conserve wildlife territories. Through this initiative, QNET planted a new forest in the UAE, with a total of 1,000 trees being planted. QNET also planted forests in the Philippines and Kenya.

Further, QNET has announced plans to eliminate all plastic from product packaging and exclusively use sustainable materials by 2025. The company is transitioning all its product packaging to be more sustainable by using only certified ethical suppliers and recyclable materials. Bernhard H Mayer (BHM), QNET’s luxury watch brand, is implementing cruelty-free, vegan leather straps in their BHM watches. BHM is careful about sourcing all raw materials used in its products and ensures they are all ethically sourced and packaged in a modern and environmentally friendly manner.

Among its charitable contributions, the company, inspired by the UAE government’s ‘1 Billion Meals Initiative’, provided iftar to more than 500 labour camp workers in Sharjah during the holy month of Ramadan.

Hussam Eldin Elmilliegi, deputy regional general manager — Middle East and North Africa at QNET reiterated the importance of charity. He said: "We believe that for a positive change to occur, it must start with us. We are fortunate to be able to provide support to those who need a helping hand and take our duty to help others seriously. We are proud of the work we have done in 2022 in the UAE to help people who need it and look forward to the new year to continue finding new ways to improve lives around the world."

The direct-selling company is also active across the MENA region with its CSR activities. QNET has tapped into its extensive global network of employees and distributors to lead the charge towards a stronger and more resilient future. By building on its history of technological innovation, charity and advocacy, the company is empowering millions of people to improve their quality of life.

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