Pullix sees over 15,000 registrants and raises $5M in the presale of 2024 so far

The platform's success in the presale phase, with over 80 million PLX tokens sold, reflects robust investor enthusiasm

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Published: Mon 12 Feb 2024, 12:06 PM

The cryptocurrency market is witnessing a remarkable phenomenon with the rapid ascent of Pullix (PLX), a new entrant poised to redefine the digital trading landscape. In what is already being dubbed the hottest presale of 2024, Pullix has successfully attracted over 15,000 registrants, amassing an impressive $5 million in funding. This surge of interest underscores the project's vast potential and the growing investor confidence.

Pullix: Bridging the Gap Between CEX and DEX

At the heart of Pullix's appeal is its hybrid model, ingeniously blending the best features of centralized exchanges (CEXs) and decentralised exchanges (DEXs). This model addresses long-standing issues in the crypto space, offering high liquidity and multiple asset trading akin to CEXs, while ensuring users retain control over their private keys, a hallmark of DEXs.

Pullix promises a seamless trading experience with institutional-level liquidity, on-chain order books, slippage-free trading, and low fees, all while allowing traders to maintain full control of their assets. The platform's no KYC requirement further streamlines the entry process, making it accessible to a wider audience.

This is particularly alluring today as regulatory pressures are rising and many traders, especially whales, are seeking to secure control over their coins in order to avoid long legal battles. Even FTX debts are counted in cash value at the time of bankruptcy and not cryptocurrency values today.

Pullix’s Innovative Features and Financial Incentives

Pullix's allure is further magnified by its unique "Trade-to-Earn" feature, which rewards users for their trading activities with a share of the platform's daily revenue. This model, alongside options for staking and yield farming, presents a compelling case for traders. The project's tokenomics use a portion of daily revenues allocated to buy back and burn PLX tokens, thereby reducing supply and increasing value over time.

The platform's success in the presale phase, with over 80 million PLX tokens sold, reflects robust investor enthusiasm. Analysts are optimistic, predicting a 580 per cent rally before the presale's end and even speculating on a 100x surge post-launch.

Pullix vs. The Competition

Pullix distinguishes itself not just through its hybrid model but also by its strategic positioning in the market. It simply doesn’t have any competition. It’s the only platform that allows users to control their private keys while also having access to advanced trading tools. No other decentralised exchange has access to even basic trading tools.

Pullix offers a comprehensive solution that caters to the modern trader's needs. Its low-cost structure, with zero commissions and tight spreads, combined with up to 1000:1 leverage, positions it as the only decentralized exchange with an advanced trading experience. Other DEXs don’t even have stop losses or take profits, let alone derivatives, leverages, and stocks.

There simply isn’t any competition in this league, because Pullix created the league. It’s the only player. It’s no wonder we’re already at $5 million and 15,000 registrants since analysts are expecting an x100 surge even after the presale ends.

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