Max Zaharenkov teaches Dubai’s Youth To Empower themselves digitally


Published: Mon 21 Mar 2022, 12:30 PM

For the millions of youth in Dubai on creating lucrative new income streams for themselves digitally, there is perhaps no creative mentor more edifying to draw insights from than Max Zaharenkov.

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Max Zaharenkov’s passion and talent for making witty, one-of-a-kind, entertaining short videos have evolved into a full-fledged professional filmmaking capability that he demonstrates not only on TikTok but also by shooting professional films on orders from various companies, including several on Fortune 500 list.

No wonder Zaharenkov’s videos are so much liked. They are full of wit, surprises and carry a subtle message; in other words, each short video he uploads on TikTok may be a prelude to a longer entertaining story. A 300K-strong and growing—audience applauds his creativity. “I loved …watching people smile whenever I performed. It makes your day when you know that people wait to see what you share with them,” shared Zaharenkov, whose TikTok videos clocked over 10 million views.

Zaharenkov argues that 90 per cent of social media posts aren’t unique; they are just reposted from other sources. By contrast, his posts are 100 per cent unique and genuine. Moreover, Zaharenkov, the filmmaker, is always available for feedback or comment. He treasures interaction with his followers and always responds to numerous comments under his posts. That is another crucial element of his success.

Zaharenkov, 30, is the epitome of modern-day cosmopolitanism; born in Latvia to an ethnic Russian family, he moved to London when he was 18 to study. He received his university degree in international marketing and should he have chosen to do so he could have landed a steady nine-to-five job in the city. Instead, Zaharenkov followed his heart and broke the norms. As a result, he put ten years of filmmaking experience into his company ZAHARE Media which produces engaging content offering full-scale video production services, from initial concept, through production design to casting, camera work, editing, etc.

On top of being fully involved in video production and not resting on his laurels, Zaharenkov willingly shares his ten-year experience with those who want to grow their social media presence, be it Instagram, TikTik or other platforms. His advice may boil down to a seemingly simple set of rules. Create relevant content; teach and inspire; share content every day; engage with those who engage with you—and he is particularly good at it!; listen to feedback from followers and adjust accordingly. Given Zaharenkov’s undoubted success and a ten-year spectacular social media track record, one should abide by those rules to be equally successful. In short, teaming up with an influencer and expert filmmaker like Zaharenkov will guarantee thousands of content views.

To learn more about Max Zaharenkov, visit his website and check out his Instagram and TikTok to enjoy his latest posts.

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