Manoj Arora of Sacheerome bets big on UAE fragrance market

The company has been supplying flavours and fragrances to a large number of customers in the UAE for many years

By Ammar Tarique

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Published: Fri 8 Dec 2023, 7:09 PM

Sacheerome, the leading manufacturing company in India for fragrances and flavours (F&F), has announced its intentions to expand its operations in the UAE within the next 3-5 years. This strategic move aims to provide an unmatched sensory experience for discerning customers in the Gulf region. The company has been supplying flavours and fragrances to a large number of customers in the UAE for many years.

According to Manoj Arora, Sacheerome's managing director and chief perfumer, “The Middle East's unique fusion of cultural influences has fostered a thriving business landscape that is capturing global attention. Among the key reasons for choosing the Middle Eastern market are the strong economic indicators of Gulf countries, resulting in a relatively high purchasing power among customers.The region's young population and increasing number of affluent individuals contribute immensely to the remarkable business opportunities available."

With a rich history dating back to the early 1900s, Sacheerome specialises in assisting prominent FMCG brands in creating captivating sensory experiences for consumers. Operating in 30 countries, the company offers an extensive portfolio of over 10,000 products.

Highlighting the Middle East's potential as a global powerhouse, Arora said: “Over time, we have observed the UAE evolve into a prominent business center for countries in Central Asia, East Africa, and the Gulf region, among others. In the past, luxury market trends were set by cities like London, Rome, and Paris. However, Dubai has now emerged as a new trendsetter in the luxury market landscape. The region has successfully adapted to the ever-changing beauty and wellness industry, which has brought about a transformation in fragrance choices and purchasing trends."

“With the Middle East becoming a global hub, the region's well-travelled shoppers are now more knowledgeable about new products and global fragrance trends as compared to their Western counterparts. While India is known for its price sensitivity, Middle Eastern consumers possess significant purchasing power and are willing to invest more in high-quality niche products. Consumers are increasingly searching for and purchasing unique niche fragrances," points out Arora.

In addition, he said that Sacheerome possesses a profound understanding of the local market. As a team of creative experts, they have assembled a group of evaluators comprising Gen Z and millennial individuals to regularly conduct consumer research and market studies. This enables them to better comprehend the preferences of the younger generation when it comes to fragrances.

Previously, there was a liking for fragrances that are typically more intense among the UAE customers. But due to changing consumer lifestyles and global influences, there is now a preference for international fragrances.

“Not only are Gen Z consumers well-versed in industry trends, but they are also open to exploring unconventional products. Certain perfume notes that are both distinctively Indian and globally appealing are gaining popularity among consumers worldwide. In the Gulf region too, perfume enthusiasts who are well-informed about international trends are gravitating towards more subtle and fine fragrances. Some of the most sought-after choices include Oud and Natural Agarwood of Assam," noted Arora.

Sacheerome has also committed $5 million to establish a Research & Innovation Center, Application Lab, Evaluation Center, Sales Office, and Warehouse in the UAE. When discussing expansion plans, Arora reveals, "The FMCG industry generates $50 million worth revenue using Sacheerome’s line of products manufactured in India and the Gulf. We are aiming to achieve 10X growth in the fragrance and flavor business in the UAE over the next 36-60 months."

“In the near future, our manufacturing and R&D operations will be based in India. However, we intend to establish an application lab and evaluation center in the UAE. This move will enable us to tailor our products to local needs, maintain cost competitiveness, and enhance our logistics management. We have tied up with various local stockists/distributors to establish our presence and serve a wide network of customers across the GCC region. Our sales team is already partnering with key clients, as well as the newer startup brands. By investing in research and sales, we will be able to further expand our business horizons in Dubai and stay ahead of the curve,” he concluded.

— Ammar Tarique is a business journalist.

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