Indana Steel safeguards industries with its robust PTFE flange guards


Published: Wed 11 May 2022, 12:12 PM

Manufacturing and allied industries are the backbones of a country's mission for self-reliance. The industries need to function round the clock all year to bridge the supply-demand gap in the country where it operationalises. This challenging task, at times, put enormous pressure on the machines. We have witnessed various appalling occurrences where corrosion, negligence, and low-maintenance pipe joints lead to the loss of workers' lives and the companies' infrastructure. A robust and well-maintained infrastructure becomes necessary to mitigate the risk to both workers and machines. Leading Manufacturer Indana Steel is delivering its promise of safeguarding industries with its robust PTFE flange guards. Their years of involvement with the business have assisted in meeting the expectations of various industries.

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The company offers a wide range of high-quality and reliable flange guards, which are carefully designed to forestall spray-outs and mist formation from failing pipe joints of toxic, corrosive, and dangerous liquids such as acid, oil, or steam. Using their expertise, they have innovative products stitched with Kevlar strings, The chemical structure of Kevlar is comprised of several repeating inter-chain bonds. These chains are cross-linked with hydrogen bonds, providing a tensile strength 10X greater than steel on an equal weight basis. These Kevlar strings are in demand for their high strength and thermal dependability.

Where a larger part of the manufacturer gives single-layered, the organisation offers its flange guards comprising various layers of high-grade PTFE FABRIC, which brings about strength and pressure diffusing capacity. Their PTFE flange guards are made up of pure Teflon scrim, guaranteeing security and stability from the inside. This makes them the only internationally recognised manufacturer that manufactures flange guard with a pure Teflon scrim inside. The scrim holds the flange guard against the flanges and gives an extra layer of safety.

Additionally, the organisation provides an easy-to-replace spill identifying leak indicator patch. This helps to find out that there is no spillage in the association. If there is a leakage, the spill-identifying patch changes colour. This helps in readily identification of the spill and speedy resolution.

Aside from PTFE flange guards, they also offer a broad range of products like PP Flange guards, SS Flange guards, ship spray shields, PVC spray shields, clear type flange guards, and valve spray shields, pure teflon flange guards, and PP Box type flange guards. Moreover, they are right now providing huge custom flange shields of the size 48" and above.

Over time, Indana Steel has earned the position of being the world's leading manufacturer of flange guards, which is sought after for their quality flange guards. With their durable and long-life items, they have acquired the standing of being one of the most revered brands across the world. The organisation has an distributor network in nations like Australia, Brazil, Peru, Nigeria, Qatar, Zambia, the USA, and so forth. Their clients include industry stalwarts like Shell, ADNOC, KNPC, BHP Bilton, HPCL, Adani, L&T, Tata, Aditya Birla, Vedanta, and others. Moreover, they have supplied their products to the Indian Navy.

The experienced team of Indana Steel routinely monitors the industry-set trends and emerging demands to keep their products ready for them. The organisation stringently follows compliance standards for which they undertake various quality checks for all its products. Their flange guards have a history of safeguarding workers and expensive modern industrial equipment from possible horrendous mishaps. This also leads to a high client satisfaction rate.The organisation gives a standardised barcode to every product, which is instrumental in requesting substitution demands, if any, from a client. This assists clients in saving time and strengthening their well-established trust with the organisation. The organisation believes in providing seamless client assistance by satisfactorily serving its clients at the best costs. To give comprehensive client care, the organisation offers a two years replaceable manufacturer's guarantee on the entirety of their flange guards and stud bolts. This assurance remains against any assembling surrenders or non-adherence to the buying terms. They have excluded any hidden terms and conditions to keep up with outright and fair client service.

In their remarkable journey of years, the company has consistently delivered its promise of controlling spray outs and giving a safe release to the leaking fluid. Indeed, they have raised the bar by being exceptionally proficient and modernized. At Indana Steel, they are not simply selling an item; they are adding the value of trust with robust products.

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