Humaid Al Buqaish makes entry into the Defi space with Simbaverse


Published: Mon 14 Mar 2022, 3:41 PM

Last updated: Mon 14 Mar 2022, 3:43 PM

The Simbaverse NFT project stands unique as an art collectable, where they will also provide NFT holders with the chance to meet their Simba (The Lion) in real life.

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It is surreal to learn about all those people, who always make sure to jump into varied fields, one to diversify and two to attain greater momentum and growth as professionals and entrepreneurs in all that they choose to lay their hands on. These individuals ensure to give in their best and also inspire greatness with all that they create for their target demographic. Many talented beings have emerged across industries, especially the digital financial industry, which also includes Humaid Al Buqaish, who is already a well-known Instagram personality and is also known across the world for owning the famous and love Lion Simba. He is the one who owns the Al Buqaish jungle, where he welcomes all for visiting the mesmerising place and getting the chance to meet with several animals like tigers, monkeys, other exotics, and of course lions, among others.

On asking Humaid Al Buqaish what made him jump into the NFT space, he quickly replied: “This particular project is very close to my heart and is a way for giving back to my community, while also showcasing my love for my best friend Simba, who has been my companion for years.” He has come forward to highlight what is the Simbaverse NFT all about and said that it is a unique collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection oozes 500 traits, styles, and much more handcrafted to perfection. The community is valued for its lions, and hence they will be providing NFT holders with a one-of-a-kind chance to meet Simba (The Lion) in real life.

The artistic designs of 10,000 Simbaverse NFTs are stored in the ERC-721 blockchain. The pre-revealed NFTs will be revealed on Easter’s Eve, and enthusiasts will be able to own one for 0.2 ETH. The project has already made quite a buzz in the Defi markets and has even gained massive support from international celebrities like Ayo and Teo (famous rappers), international football stars like Flávio Beck Júnior, renowned businessman Dr Kristofer Chaffin, and many more. With the Simbaverse NFT project, Humaid Al Buqaish has created a massive and exciting universe in itself, which shows 10,000 moods of Simba. NFT lovers and budding investors can even join its Discord community.

Talking about the several special perks that investors and NFT holders will receive, Humaid Al Buqaish says that they will be in for a treat with the Simbaverse NFT project, as their roadmap is already set and looks great with reward plans such as meeting Simba in real life, private events and concerts with celebrities and finally one lucky winner will become a millionaire.

Taking us into the roadmap he and his team have developed for the Simbaverse NFT project, he explains there are four phases in the project. Phase one consists of designing the process and creating 10,000 incredible variations of Simba, building the community on Discord and their platforms, whitelisting giveaways to their OG members and early supporters, minting 1000 whitelist spots on March 20 starting public sale on March 30.

Phase two is planned as 30 per cent-40 per cent sold, NFT drops and exciting giveaways to holders, social media giveaways and raffles, giveaways of physical collectables and merchandise to deliver to holders across the world, merchandise sale on their website, and also 1:1 Zoom calls with the creator himself Humaid Al Buqaish and his team. In Phase three, 50 per cent-70 per cent will be sold. It will also consist of a Content Creator Hub for all content creator holders to collaborate. Also, to boost their content, a private discord channel with social media stars, content creators, and influencers will be provided. It will also be supported by studios, crew, and equipment with their media partners for creating and taking their content to the next level. Not just this, it will also offer monthly raffles to fly out their beasts to Dubai to meet the real Simba and all other animals in their private jungle while also giving people the chance to sit and chat with the creator himself.

It will also highlight holder profiles, where holders can submit information about who they are and what they want to share with the world about them or the projects they are launching and create content and interviews with them as a mini-documentary series, focusing on real people, who are part of the project. This will be followed by Surprise Celebrity collaborations. In Phase Four, it will be sold out, also called the Hero phase, in which exclusive jungle events with celebrities and industry leaders will be held.

People will get access to restricted discord channels with industry leaders, business owners, investors to pitch projects and ideas to support great ideas to come to life with their support. This will also allow them to gain whitelist access to their next surprise project, consisting of a 'one-million-dollar giveaway'. The team will fly them out, and their camera crew will capture the moment that they and handed the prize.

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