Gulftainer on track for major growth

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Peter Richards, CEO, Gulftainer
Peter Richards, CEO, Gulftainer

Published: Tue 26 Jul 2022, 5:49 PM

Last updated: Tue 26 Jul 2022, 6:01 PM

Gulftainer, a privately owned, independent port management and logistics company, has announced significant growth in its global operations, particularly in Khorfakkan and Wilmington, US terminals.

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While businesses and economies worldwide have felt the impact of the pandemic, the transport and logistics industry has not only encountered challenges that have affected supply chains globally, they have created opportunities for growth to fulfil the rising demand for e-commerce trade. Capitalising on business opportunities and attributing its success to the skill, dedication and capabilities of the 4,000-strong workforce, Gulftainer has emerged in a more robust position than most.

Successfully leveraging its multiple ports across the Middle East, the company has increased its bulk cargo volumes in the UAE by a staggering 290 per cent year on year; and by demonstrating its highly productive operational abilities has increased its bulk cargo volumes by 57 per cent in the US.

Peter Richards, CEO, Gulftainer, expressed his gratitude for the commitment and determination of the entire Gulftainer team, "As a company, we have seen a remarkable turnaround during these past eight months. It’s a fact that very few companies have come out of the last few years unscathed, but amid those trials and tribulations, we identified and relentlessly pursued specific prospects for growth. We underwent a management restructure, which enabled us to seize the opportunity and rebound the business ahead of schedule. This had the result of turning the poorly performing past two years into a significantly positive first half of 2022. Gulftainer is now back where it should be and on course for major growth. The entire team at Gulftainer has worked tirelessly since the beginning of 2022 to produce new and innovative continuous improvement initiatives to significantly improve efficiencies, customer service levels and to reassess the allocation of resources and equipment to maximize potential."

Offering reliable services, fast vessel turnarounds, competitive rates, and rapid customs clearance, Gulftainer has gained an industry-wide reputation for best in service delivery, productivity and exceptional customer service.

"All of our Global ports have achieved vast increases in productivity. The UAE and the USA throughput levels have increased by 12 per cent since last year in ship-to-shore crane throughput, far surpassing the internationally recognised industry levels. In addition, it reduced its environmental impact, with a combined reduction of 27 per cent per TEU in fuel consumption and emissions. Our global ports have also seen major volume growth during 2022, with new customers importing cargo never before handled at our ports. Once again highlighting how the company has pulled together to affect this required turnaround," added Richards.

Gulftainer additionally launched a new initiative called 'Project Blue Box', a containerised electric power supply solution, designed and built in-house for its UAE ports. This power supply solution will support up to sixty refrigerated containers and helps to mitigate a terminals’ reliance on diesel-consuming generators during peak periods. It will, in addition, increase overall terminal capacity, and provide additional space for municipal food inspectors.

To combat supply chain issues, Gulftainer proposed a cost-effective solution to diversify in KCT, offering importers a revised strategy of importing products on bulk carriers. Gulftainer remained ahead of the industry trend, and identified new opportunities to facilitate this transition, while simultaneously opening up KCT to handle a multitude of bulk cargo, including finished and raw steel products, plywood and lumber products and copper cathodes.

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