Green Hydrogen: The new green petroleum in the Gulf

GoEnergy’s innovative approach to green hydrogen production makes it a pivotal player in the global energy transition

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Published: Tue 13 Feb 2024, 4:46 PM

GoEnergy is a leading company in the field of green energy solutions, particularly in the production and utilisation of green hydrogen. Green hydrogen, also known as renewable hydrogen or green gas, is produced using renewable energy sources like wind or solar power through a process called electrolysis. This process involves splitting water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, with hydrogen being the clean energy carrier.

GoEnergy specialises in the production of green hydrogen, which is crucial for decarbonising sectors like transportation, industry, and heating. Unlike traditional hydrogen production methods, which often rely on fossil fuels and emit carbon dioxide, green hydrogen production emits no greenhouse gases, making it a key player in the fight against climate change.

The utilisation of green hydrogen offers numerous benefits, including zero-emission transportation through hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, energy storage to balance the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources, and industrial processes that require high-temperature heat. Additionally, green hydrogen can be blended with natural gas to reduce carbon emissions from existing infrastructure, paving the way for a smoother transition to a low-carbon economy.

GoEnergy’s innovative approach to green hydrogen production and its commitment to sustainability makes it a pivotal player in the global energy transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. As the demand for renewable energy solutions continues to grow, GoEnergy’s expertise and dedication to green hydrogen technology position it as a leader in the quest for a greener tomorrow.

Curro Nicolau is the founder and chairman of the company Go Energy Group. He is a member of the advisory committee and speaker at the 'World Hydrogen Congress' in Dubai on March 4 and 5, and at 'Intersolar Middle East' on April 18, he will also give a conference in Dubai on green hydrogen. Intersolar Middle East is the international conference for the solar industry of the Middle East and the most powerful solar platform in the MENA region. Intersolar/ees Middle East, as part of Middle East Energy 2024, will enable solar and energy professionals to form valuable business relationships and network with decision-makers in the region.

Go Energy with solar and hydrogen energy projects in America, Asia and Europe is a global leader in the development of projects that help decarbonize mobility and industry. This company has its headquarters in the UAE but has offices in Houston (USA), Valencia (Spain), Tokyo (Japan) and Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), among other locations. It has great technological partners and is undoubtedly a main player in the new era of green hydrogen thanks to its more than twenty years in the development of large-scale renewable energy projects.

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