German real estate firm Müller & Co opens new office in Dubai

With a team of experienced and knowledgeable agents and personalised service, Müller & Co. helps you find the perfect property for your needs

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Published: Tue 9 Jan 2024, 1:08 PM

Last updated: Tue 9 Jan 2024, 1:19 PM

Müller & Co, a real estate firm founded in 1975 and headquartered in Germany, has recently opened its largest and newest office in Dubai.

Foreign companies view Dubai’s real estate market as one of the most attractive investment opportunities

The UAE’s real estate sector shows no signs of slowing down, and every day, new projects and communities are being launched, attracting billions of dollars. Dubai's booming real estate market, characterised by its impressive skyscrapers and luxurious properties, has also been attracting numerous foreign firms, with Müller & Co. being one of the newest to enter the thriving UAE property sector.

The UAE' robust economy and ongoing property developments have significantly increased customer interest in its real estate sector. Responding to this increased demand, Müller & Co, an established successful real estate firm, has opened its latest office in Dubai, aiming to enhance services for regional real estate customers.

Müller & Co’s entrance into Dubai real estate market

With an extensive background in real estate, construction, and property renovation, Müller & Co, a German-based property firm, specialises in developing high-rise buildings and luxury apartments. The company's expertise is evident in its modern, aesthetically pleasing, and functional designs of apartments and villas, ensuring long-lasting quality and customer satisfaction.

Renovation services offered by Müller & Co, combine innovative techniques with high-quality materials, transforming existing spaces into modern, luxurious homes. The company prides itself on merging functionality with elegance, ensuring each renovation project meets and exceeds client expectations.

Dedicated to customer fulfillment, Müller & Co. employs over 200 skilled professionals and 50 brokers who assist clients in finding properties that match their needs and budgets. They offer comprehensive support throughout purchasing, from property selection to documentation and sale completion.

Müller & Co. has swiftly adapted to Dubai's real estate market, establishing strategic partnerships with numerous local property developers. The company offers unique opportunities for those interested in buying a property in Dubai through Müller & Co, including flexible payment options, underlining their customer-focused approach and solidifying their position as a prominent real estate agency in Dubai.

"Müller & Co. remains optimistic about future growth prospects in Dubai and is committed to delivering top-tier property advice and services in the region. Our approach ensures a seamless, stress-free property purchasing experience backed by expertise, trustworthiness, and professionalism," says a spokesperson.

Integrating CGI elements into live action in Dubai

Müller & Co. has creatively blended CGI technology with live-action in their marketing efforts in Dubai. Utilising advanced technology and a talented team of VFX artists, Müller & Co. has produced commercials that seamlessly integrate CGI and live-action, offering a realistic viewing experience.

One commercial showcased a meticulously crafted CGI-rendered house reminiscent of an iconic animated film 'Up', gracefully floating through a vibrant urban landscape. The level of detail in the CGI design blurred the distinction between reality and animation, leaving viewers in awe of its seamless integration.

In another instance, a commercial featured a video of a classic character navigating through one of Dubai's renowned landmarks. The CGI creation, skillfully executed, showcased the character engaging in familiar actions within the iconic setting, captivating viewers' attention. The video, shared on social media, garnered significant traction with over three hundred thousand views.

These commercials highlight Müller & Co's innovative approach to digital marketing and Dubai's status as a leading city in creative production.

Müller & Co. is a German-based real estate firm in Dubai. They offer many off-plan properties for sale in Dubai, including apartments, villas, and townhouses. With a team of experienced and knowledgeable agents and personalised service, Müller & Co. helps you find the perfect property for your needs.

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