Finsai earns esteemed recognition as the most innovative startup in finance at Iconic Finance Expo Dubai 2023

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Published: Mon 8 Jan 2024, 11:39 AM

Last updated: Mon 8 Jan 2024, 12:33 PM

A new star in the financial universe emerged amid Dubai's glittering skyline at the much-anticipated Iconic Finance Expo 2023. Finsai offers amazing fintech solutions such as a CFD trading platform, a centralised crypto exchange, an AI-enabled Investment fund and much more. The company grabbed the coveted 'Most Innovative Startup in Finance' award. This esteemed award, bestowed in front of an enthusiastic attendance of industry leaders, is more than a trophy; it affirms Finsai's mission to redefine the financial world with technology-driven solutions that prioritise accessibility, empowerment, and seamless user experiences for all.

By Saurabh Singla

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The Iconic Finance Expo, an event that drew industry leaders and innovators alike, proved to be the perfect backdrop for Finsai to showcase its trailblazing solutions in financial technology. The ‘Most Innovative Startup in Finance’ award highlights Finsai’s pursuit of innovation, aligning with its core values of opportunity and seamless user experience.

During the Iconic Finance Expo, Finsai's Head of Products, Mohd Azan Shan, delivered a speech titled "How Fintech is Revolutionizing Capital Markets." He highlighted blockchain's transformative role in simplifying capital raising for entrepreneurs and emphasized Finsai's commitment to democratizing investments. The evening unveiled Finsai's vision with over 1000 trade products and a suite of tools for modern traders. Azan's speech underscored Finsai's emergence as a holistic ecosystem, reshaping engagement with capital markets in the fintech era.

Aastha Rani, CEO of Finsai, expresses her deep joy in the spotlight of the Iconic Finance Expo stating: “I am honoured to present Finsai's transformative journey in reshaping the very fabric of capital markets. In my discourse, I delved into the profound influence of blockchain, specifically its role in simplifying capital raising for entrepreneurs. At the core of Finsai's mission is the unwavering commitment to empower individuals to navigate their financial paths with confidence and control.”

However, the expo was not just about accolades and speeches. Finsai engaged attendees through interactive elements like a ‘Spin the Wheel’ game, offering exciting rewards, and fostering a sense of community. The ‘Trader of the Year’ awards, part of Finsai’s initiative to encourage financial education, were also announced, boosting community morale and celebrating the achievements of dedicated traders.

Highlighting the event's success, Jennie Leano emerged as the ‘Trade War’ winner, receiving a $500 bonus in her trading account thanks to a 104 per cent profit. Additionally, Ravinder Kumar won an iPhone 15 in the much-anticipated lucky draw, adding to the event’s excitement. These individual stories of success underline Finsai’s commitment to creating opportunities and rewarding excellence.

The expo witnessed a boastful turnout of twenty thousand attendees, indicative of the growing interest and trust in fintech solutions like those offered by Finsai. This response underscores the relevance and impact of Finsai's innovative approach in the financial sector.

As the curtains closed on the Iconic Finance Expo 2023, Finsai's achievements stood as a testament to the company's commitment to revolutionising the financial sector. With its emerging ecosystem, Finsai is in the process of reshaping the landscape of personal finance and investment.

For those intrigued by the potential of fintech or looking to take control of their financial future, exploring Finsai's offerings is a step towards a more empowered and financially literate tomorrow. Readers are encouraged to visit the Finsai website, delve into their diverse range of trading products, and join a community moving forward in the ever-evolving world of finance.

— Saurabh Singla is the co-founder at ZEX MEDIA.

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