Ferhat Kacmaz presents real life fitness NFT project

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Published: Tue 12 Jul 2022, 10:50 AM

Last updated: Tue 12 Jul 2022, 10:52 AM

Ferhat Kacmaz is a known name in the world of fitness as he introduced the innovative German technology EMS to the Middle East after introducing it in its country of origin. He is the founder and CEO of Fit in Time, which has spread its chain of EMS fitness centres across various locations. He has been heading these fitness centres for the past six years and has been successfully spreading this technology across a wide client base. This multipreneur has had a series of businesses in the past, which included a restaurant called Pizza Flitzer, an events agency called Desire events and his chain of fitness centres named Fit in Time spread across Germany, the Middle East and the UAE.

By Deepak Jain

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After leading such successful business ventures, Kacmaz is now planning to go a step ahead by entering into the NFT space by launching an app named FitBurn which would give users loads of benefits to burn their calories and earn at the same time. We spoke to this astute businessman about this new project, which is slated to launch shortly.

What is FitBurn, and how does it benefit the users?

FitBurn is the world's first burn-to-earn application, allowing you to earn money in the form of Caloriecoin (CAL). It will also allow users to vote with the governance token sweat by holding a gamified T-shirt NFT. Now everyone will get paid for every drop of sweat they drop in the gym by using FitBurn.

Once you set FitBurn with your smartwatch and start working out, it will start counting the calories you burn during the workout and compensate evenly for each calorie spent. Users can easily monetise their time spent at the gym by using the app. A Fitburn user will earn, via an in-app NFT T-shirt, Calorie tokens proportional to the calories you burn during your session. Users have to use their Calorie tokens to upgrade their NFT T-shirt to increase the efficiency of the reward distribution. Calories will be burned in the upgrading process of the NFT to keep and increase the value of Calorie Tokens.

How exactly can users use the Calorie coin?

Users can trade, hold, and upgrade their NFT, purchase supplements or get a discount at one of the partner stores and much more. Many more attractive offers will be introduced once the app is launched, which will amaze users until no end.

Looking at the project's uniqueness, there's no doubt that it will emerge as one of the most popular fitness-based NFT apps once it launches.

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