Dr Christina Rahm — 'Root' ing for health and wellness


Published: Mon 21 Nov 2022, 1:15 PM

It is not every day that many of us meet a mother of four with an immense passion for science, life, art, music, social justice, and people. Meet Dr Christina Rahm, a scientific influencer, patent inventor, environmental and human researcher, published author, humanitarian, and businesswoman. She has worked for numerous governments and universities while speaking and lecturing globally for world-class organisations, events, minority causes and philanthropies.

By Deepak Jain

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Dr Rahm is based in Nashville, TN and is the formulator of the products for The Root Brands, which is a health and wellness company. Root provides simple, yet effective solutions to support and enhance overall health and wellness globally. She is also the founder of multiple provisional patents, proprietary formulas, and trade secrets under the brand Dr Christina Rahm.

In addition to her focus on various areas of sciences, Dr Rahm is also the creator behind the fashion, art, and music platform 'Under the Red Chandelier' (UTRC) and author of the 'Cure the Causes' book series. Her books can be found on Amazon. The audio version is available in 27 languages.

Dr Rahm has had her fair share of being attacked physically, mentally, emotionally, and legally. She has even endured numerous forms of cancer and Lyme disease. Furthermore, her competitors continue to attempt to try to stop the positive solutions she has created for others. But all these attacks have only motivated her to work harder at finding solutions for her family and others.

While developing The Root Brands products, she poured her heart and mind into each product and each patent, knowing the possible impact each could have on a person’s life for the better. She has produced proprietary products which help people live their very best lives by supporting the body naturally. Getting to the 'root' of the issue by eradicating of toxins allows the optimisation of the essential needs inside of the body. She believes that life should be healthy and beautiful.

When asked about her missions and goals, Dr Rahm said: “Life is hard. I have seen so many sides of both the good and bad of this life since an early age. There are good and bad people in our lives as well as good and bad things inside our bodies. I hope to inspire others to create a healthy environment and meaningful life by eliminating internal and external toxins and putting positivity into the outside and inside of every situation and every being. I want to make life better for others throughout the world. I want to give hope to others no matter what they are experiencing.”

Dr Rahm’s motivation to help improve humanity came from battling Lyme disease and going through multiple bouts of cancer. She continued consistently to be a scientist and a mother at the same time. Dr Rahm stated that she has learned to deal with obstacles in life through academic, professional, spiritual, and emotional discoveries while working in more than 85 countries. She also is very clear in her messaging to others that God as well as her family and friends have been her biggest allies through all the many obstacles.

Some of her philanthropic work includes 'The UN Women for Peace,' as one of the State of Tennessee chairs, the ambassador to USA for the European Women Association, and the founder of the Rahm Foundation that supports children and young adults worldwide.

Dr Rahm has been able to work and volunteer in countries like Botswana, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Sudan, South Africa as well as Uganda and Ghana where she has worked with many of hospitals. Rahm received her doctorate degrees from the USA and Europe, and two honorary doctorate degrees in Philosophy (Ph.D.) from Africa and South Africa through Grace International Bible University and Rudolph Kwanue University. She has been honoured at these schools for her crusades in social work and humanities, as well as, for her advancements in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sciences. She has also travelled to Ethiopia, Africa, where she was inspired by their delicious coffee enough to create one of her brands, 'Rahm Roast' which will be launched late Q4.

With one of her new brands, 'UTRC', Dr Rahm is inspired to bring awareness to art, fashion, food, travel, and music through inspiring creativity while learning a little science on the side. She will soon launch her 5G detox fashion clothing line under this brand. Her husband, Clayton Thomas has shown his support of her new brand by having The Root Brands sponsor UTRC which will include podcasts, interviews, collaborations, and sponsorships. Dr Rahm will also be launching a skincare and make-up line targeting the reversal of aging called 'Ella Pure'. This is a line inspired by her daughter, Merritt Ella.

Follow her on www.instagram.com/drchristinarahm and visit drchristinarahm.com

Deepak Jain is an independent blockchain publicist.

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