Crypto enthusiast, Mando talks about how he made most out of the lockdown period

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Published: Wed 25 May 2022, 4:00 PM

We all have faced distressing times in the last two years, all thanks to the pandemic. But those who managed to make most of the time at home are making money today. Crypto enthusiast, Mando is one of those exceptional people.

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Popular on Twitter as @xmaximist, Mando started his Crypto Twitter (CT) journey amid the pandemic. Even though he has been in the crypto market since 2016, it was during the pandemic that Mando realised that he needs to share his experiences with other crypto enthusiasts who might be looking for some hope. He said: "When the lockdown first started, like everyone else I was at home with my family and started playing the Playstation again and checking my HODL bags and charts a few times a day. After a while I started trading again and setup an account on crypto Twitter (CT) posting for fun about my ideas and the research I had carried under the alias."

Mando is originally from Liverpool, England but has lived all over the world. Mando is currently living in Dubai with his family. “Dubai UAE is one of the most beautiful places in this world with friendly people everywhere you go. For me it’s the safest place on this planet to bring up your children and give them an open mind because it’s a melting pot of cultures with everyone living in harmony."

Fast forward to 2022, Mando is among the most popular crypto enthusiasts on Twitter and enjoys a following of more than 70k. Talking about how he feels about writing on Twitter, Mando said: "I found posting my ideas on CT extremely therapeutic and relaxing and started gathering a following really fast. I now have a huge following of fantastic individuals from all over the world."

Mando is also getting popular among brands. He said: "I have clothing companies wanting to do clothing lines for my brand @xmaximist and CEOs from projects reaching out thanking me for providing solid information to investors. I have countless followers sending me DM’s daily telling me I have changed there lives with my upbeats enthusiastic tweets and calls."

Mando follows one important rule for crypto trading i.e. he is always looking for low cap crypto gems. It's hard but when you have been working in the market for more than half a decade. Those who have stayed in the crypto market for so long understand both success and failure, and Mando is no different. "I have been investing in crypto since 2016 with a huge amount of success stories but I have also been rugged a couple of times which wasn’t nice in the early days," Mando concluded.

While Mando enjoys immense fame in the crypto world, he doesn't claim to be a financial advisor. Mando says that none of his calls are financial advice, and his tweets are only about what he is investing into himself. He likes to share his ideas for entertainment purposes only.

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