Battle Infinity gains momentum with its newly launched token

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Published: Thu 14 Jul 2022, 5:47 PM

Last updated: Thu 14 Jul 2022, 5:49 PM

IBAT Battle Infinity Battleinfinity- Presale has launched its new crypto NFT, with six different products. One of the best crypto to invest in, the products are as below:

By Ammar Tarique

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Premier League IBAT


Battle Market IBAT

Battle Games for IBAT

Battle Arena IBAT

Battle Staking IBAT

What is the Metaverse

The metaverse is a persistent, online, three-dimensional environment that integrates many virtual places. Consider it a future iteration of the internet. Users will be able to collaborate, meet, game, and interact in these 3D environments thanks to the metaverse.

This new metaverse coin aims to bring a new revolution to the old world of gaming by combining gaming with the metaverse and blockchain, making it completely decentralised, giving users and creators actual ownership, and providing a secure and endless immersive experience in the fantasy gaming world.

To throw some light on what the Fantasy Gaming platform is for beginners; it is a sort of game, commonly played on the Internet, in which participants from imagined or virtual teams are made up of proxies for genuine professional athletes. These teams compete based on their players' statistical performance in actual games. This performance is transformed into points, which are collated and tallied according to a roster chosen by the manager of each fantasy club. These point systems can be simple enough to be computed manually by a 'league commissioner' who supervises and controls the entire league, or they can be collated and calculated using computers that follow genuine professional sports outcomes. In fantasy sports, club owners, as in actual sports, draught, trade, and cut (drop) players.

According to Allied Market Research, the fantasy sports market was valued at $18.6 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach $48.6 billion by 2027, reflecting a 13.9 per cent compound annual growth rate.

To connect on telegram a group is available to mingle with.

Packed with incredible features, IBAT Battle Infinity is proving to be one of the most auspicious altcoins of 2022:

Auto staking: To use the auto staking option, lock and hold tokens to stake for a set amount of time that we will reveal. The user receives an interest return based on the amount of time the locked tokens are held.

Auto liquidity: This function will assist token prices in achieving stability by automatically increasing liquidity in the liquidity pool.

Auto tax: An auto tax is a modest charge that will be levied on every transaction that will be utilised in auto staking, auto liquidity, foundation, and future ecosystem development.

Anti-bot: This feature stops bots from interfering with the price movement of our tokens.

Anti dump: The anti dump function will suppress 'sell' demand to keep the price floor. This is the metric employed.

How to buy metaverse coin, IBAT Battle Infinity?

The entire supply of IBAT tokens will be issued and put into circulation, i.e. 10,000,000,000 (10 Billion). IBAT tokens are built on the Binance Smart Chain's BEP 20 smart contract architecture.

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