Artscrafts to create awareness regarding mental health


Published: Wed 14 Sep 2022, 10:56 AM

Last updated: Wed 14 Sep 2022, 11:03 AM

Art translates feelings and emotions in colours, and it has always been the best way to communicate thoughts over the ages. The greatest function of art is to cleanse minds, and this cleansing happens not just in the mind of the artists but also in the minds of the viewers too. It is a two-way process of healing that happens through art. Veteran artist and Emirati businessman Ahmad Al Awadhi speaks about the relaxing power of art, which can be transferred to posterity. “I get rid of all the daily fatigue and stress when I paint. I would like to pass this experience on to parents who can guide their children to follow the path. Being artistically creative will help them in their studies and will have a positive impact that can keep their spirits up.”

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Dr Devisree S, artist and educator, said: “In the post-covid scenario, there is a surge in cases of anxiety and depression, which owes to the unexpected lockdown, limited opportunities to socialise, and added stress from the realisation of the unpredictability of life. This has affected people irrespective of their age, gender, and socio-economic conditions. It is in this scenario that the therapeutic function of art becomes relevant. The need to be at peace with oneself is an utmost necessity nowadays.”

In light of this necessity, Artscrafts and Srivatsa M A Memorial Trust for Mental Health, Bangalore, India, are organising an event called 'Artistic Celebration of Beautiful Minds'. Artscrafts is one of the leading names in the UAE art scenario with remarkable contributions to global art and culture. The platform was formed with the vision to support struggling artists, and the platform has been a great support in shaping the career of many artists across the world. Artscrafts has been successfully organising a variety of events ranging from art competitions, exhibitions, live art, panel discussions, and cultural events incorporating various genres of art and artists from different walks of life.

Anil Kejriwal, founder and CEO at Artscrafts, said: “Artscrafts started the celebration of artistic minds through the ‘Artistic Celebration of Beautiful Minds” in April 2022 and it will run until October 2022. This celebration shall not be limited to these months, it shall go beyond this as it is the need of the hour. We should be able to find solace through art.”

The artistic celebration of beautiful minds is open to all rehabilitation centres, hospitals, halfway homes, day care centres and institutions treating individuals living with mental health issues such as schizophrenia and allied disorders like depression, anxiety, bipolar disorders, etc. from across the globe. Every participating organisation will host a day for the celebration of arts with their participants and they will need to send a 30-minute video to Artscrafts. The videos shall be shared on YouTube and other social media platforms to create awareness.

Artscrafts invites submissions from the UAE and all around the world as an initiative to spread awareness regarding mental health. Each participating organisation needs to send the best quality images of the three best artworks in JPEG format along with the details of the artists by mail to Artscrafts is currently working with M S Chellamuthu Trust of Madurai Tamil Nadu, Richmond Fellowship Society India, Bangalore, and Delhi, and Central Institute of Psychiatry in Ranchi, Ashadeep of Assam.

The last date for artwork submission is on September 15 and the online voting will be from September 25 to 30. The results will be declared on October 10 on the occasion of ‘World Mental Health Day’.

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