Arman Khan's cinematic success: Bringing two masterpieces to life behind the lens

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Published: Mon 12 Feb 2024, 4:54 PM

In the heart of London's vibrant film industry, cinematographer and VFX producer Arman Khan has recently finished shooting two remarkable films as the Director of Photography (DOP). With a strong background in commercial cinematography, Khan has made a lasting impact by collaborating with renowned brands like AUDI, Toyota and Aston Martin.


Anam Khan

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Khan is widely respected in the commercial film sector for his creative vision and technical expertise, making him a go-to DOP for major brands. His recent collaboration with the Indo UK Film Company and Kim's Entertainment is anticipated to be groundbreaking. Esteemed director Pravin Vijaya Eknath Birje is leading this exciting venture.

What makes this collaboration distinctive is the range of projects undertaken by Khan. The two films he recently completed are in regional languages like Gujarati and Marathi, showcasing his versatility and dedication to storytelling that resonates with diverse audiences.

With the capable production guidance of Nitin Upadhyaya and Abhishek King Kumar, Arman Khan has brought his creative vision to fruition. The star-studded cast includes Abhinay Berde, Pooja Katurde, Komal Thacker, Siddhi Dalvi and Dev Barot—ensuring a cinematic experience that transcends language barriers.

Insight into Khan's cinematic odyssey

Arman Khan’s journey into the film industry started with a passion, for the art. He was born on January 1, 1991. Pursued his education in the United Kingdom, where he obtained a degree in Film Studies with a specialisation in cinematography and VFX design. His recent projects serve as a testament to his combination of expertise and artistic creativity.

Aside from working on Bollywood productions like "Mimi," "Password," and "Unseen Wales " Khans's repertoire extends beyond commercials. His work as a digital image technician in movies such as "Azhar" and "Rustom" further solidifies his position as a talent within the industry. He also started a company called Picturental which rents out services and equipment needed for a shoot at competitive pricing

In 2018 Khan took on the role of cinematographer for the Bollywood film "Quickie " featuring Darsheel Safary and Anisha Victor. Recently completing two regional language films adds another chapter to his career highlighting his commitment to storytelling.

As Arman Khan continues to make progress in the film industry his collaboration with Indo UK Film Company and Kims Entertainments represents a milestone. The combination of languages experienced cast members and Khans' creative expertise promises a cinematic experience, for audiences.

Keep an eye out for the reveal of these cinematic creations as Arman Khan continues to mesmerize viewers with his exceptional storytelling and artistic brilliance.

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