AllStars dream team changes sports for the future

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Published: Fri 22 Jul 2022, 10:17 AM

Last updated: Fri 22 Jul 2022, 10:51 AM

The sporting industry has undergone some major changes in the last decade. With issues like Covid-19 and other challenges and threats, the different players in these two industries have had to up their game to overcome these obstacles and create a much better industry. However, we can say that changes in the sporting and gaming industries are far from over, especially with companies such as AllStars Digital.

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As the name suggests, AllStars is a platform built to serve every athlete and sports fan by creating more opportunities for both parties. It is the first to deliver unique and inclusive digital sport alternative assets changing how the market operates as they lead the sporting industry into the future.

AllStars Digital seeks to democratise trading on the performance of sports stars by providing enduring solutions to some of the problems that have slowed down gaming. Dev Dutta, founder of AllStars and one of only a handful of global experts in the practice of creating BMR standard indices. Dutta created the first proof of concept in 2020 and since then the project has grown significantly, attracting investors, clients and industry experts. Along with Marc Aspinall, COO, Akash Gharu, CPO and Youssef Mechahouri, CEO, AllStars has built a phenomenal team. They have years of experience gained at tier 1 banks and brokerages, hedge funds, exchanges and premium data providers. Most importantly, all are big sports enthusiasts.

AllStars creates a continuous price on every athlete so that they can be traded just like a financial asset and not just another type of bet. This enables the trader to set stop losses and take profits and take control of their risk. The technology to enable this is complex. It’s taken two years of meticulous work to get the index to price fluently and intuitively and the product setup to offer a healthy reward ratio. The business is now ready for the main market launch as ‘the world’s first digital sports exchange’.

There are some challenges in the industry yet to be resolved and this is where AllStars Digital steps in. AllStars is challenging binary betting where winning or losing is based on singular or accumulated declared predictions and replacing it with a more holistic approach to taking a position on a sports star.

Rather than basing the outcome on singular or accumulated declared predictions, AllStars is looking at each player’s performance. It is the first platform to introduce an approach where the performance of the digital assets is pegged on the underlying performance of the sports stars.

This means that if the sports stars perform well, for example, tackle, pass, shoot on target, assist, or score, their asset price is reflected positively and vice versa, giving you the chance to earn from watching your favourite sport. This new technique is also giving fans a space to learn about their favourite players and challenge their minds.

Additionally, AllStars Digital has created an ecosystem currency to address and enable the next generation of sports traders. With $ASC, people can now easily trade and earn from watching their favourite sport. To make it easier for all sports fans and enthusiasts, AllStars Digital is also sharing all trading transactions via $ASC on the blockchain.

As the gaming industry continues to grow and new players enter the space, AllStars Digital is changing gaming and sporting. They are bringing their experience to the field, building a platform driven by technology, and delivering this via the world’s first crypto-enabled sports exchange developed for the next generation of sports traders.

AllStars Digital is proving an enduring solution to the problems in the gaming industry. Their unique strategy has enabled them to make a difference in the field and build a solid community of sports fans.

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