Women's Day special: Lead from the heart, says Dubai's Mehr Mirchandani

Published: Mon 8 Mar 2021, 6:47 PM

Last updated: Mon 8 Mar 2021, 6:49 PM

Entrepreneur shares her views on why she believes a woman’s biggest strength in the current world is empathy


Ambica Sachin

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A powerful feminist quote that best describes my philosophy in life. “One of the criticisms I’ve faced over the years is that I’m not aggressive enough or assertive enough, or maybe somehow, because I’m empathetic, it means I’m weak. I totally rebel against that. I refuse to believe that you cannot be both compassionate and strong.” - Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister, New Zealand

I believe role models are important to have because they give courage and motivation to others. They create aspiration in younger generations. I believe as humans, we are limitless, and it is not anyone but our own thinking that holds us back from greatness. It is the connection with our inner self and the inability to know ourselves that makes us powerless. We are actually all-powerful beings. When I read about Jacinda Ardern or Oprah Winfrey, it reaffirms my beliefs that we are all-powerful beings and here to achieve what we want to. It is not in some of us but in all of us to be who we are meant to be and live the life we desire.

One woman who changed the way I thought about myself, the world… Oprah Winfrey is one of the first women I read and heard, so she is an inspiration from the early days. I believe every one of us can create an impact and legacy to live and leave behind. We are here on this earth for a purpose, and to be able to live the purpose, we must believe in ourselves. To discover our purpose, we must first know ourselves. We cannot be guided to our purpose if we don’t know who we are. And thought leaders like Oprah, Marianne Williamson, Brene Brown, Ariana Huffington and others prove that as long as you know, do the work and want it — it is ours to have.

My biggest takeaway from 2020 ever since the pandemic stuck as a woman, a mother, a professional and a wife... I am optimistic about the role women play in society. I have seen more women as frontline contributors than ever before. I have seen them being celebrated over this last year as they serve humanity while we go through this crisis. I see men supporting women more as the shift of WFH allows men to work at home and help women take care of the household and kids. I have seen a rise in homegrown businesses, which have launched and grown with the support women have received to pursue and live their dreams and careers. My biggest takeaway is the same, my husband has supported me more than ever before, and because of which I have written and published my book Come Alive, Don’t Just Exist, in 2020. I have witnessed my father and team members supporting me as a leader at work while I juggle my role as a mother, wife and business leader. I believe the pandemic has strengthened and deepened relationships. It has increased the expression of empathy and compassion among fellow humans.

My biggest strength is empathy. Leading from the heart is rare but extremely powerful. When I value relationships over transactions, I always win. I have several stories to share — from terminating premature agreements to renewing contracts with stakeholders. When communicated with empathy, we create trust and respect that makes us hold each other in high regard. It strengths relationships and creates longer bonds. Empathy is a value of my organisation, and I make sure I and my team members honour this at all times. Culture is what sets us apart from the competition and helps us grow, and values create culture.

Meher Mirchandani is Director, Manrre Logistics Fund and author of Come Alive, Don’t Just Exist

Tips to lead a more wholesome life in 2021

We are here to experience the magic and glory of life by connecting to ourselves. Nothing can complete us other than the love of ourself and we are all looking for fulfillment and love but in the wrong places. And a wholesome and peaceful life can be achieved by knowing ourselves and spending time with ourselves and below are a few ways I connect with myself :

* Be in love with yourself by knowing yourself through daily meditation and daily journaling.

* Grow yourself every single day through

learning and reading.

* Practice gratitude in the now, everyday.

* Be in forgiveness mode always because

someone who negatively charges you is

teaching you.

* Trust the process and enjoy the journey.

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