Abu Dhabi doctors treat Indian expat with rare, deadly necrosis

Abu Dhabi - It can be caused by several types of bacteria and mortality rate can reach up to 70%.


Ashwani Kumar

Published: Thu 19 Aug 2021, 1:53 PM

Last updated: Thu 19 Aug 2021, 2:29 PM

Doctors at a hospital in Al Dhafra successfully treated an Indian expat with a rare and deadly infection. The patient, identified as Rameshver, was suffering from severe necrotising fasciitis, a rare bacterial infection that spreads quickly in the body and can cause death. It can be caused by several types of bacteria and mortality rate can reach up to 70 per cent.

Rameshver visited Madinat Zayed Hospital’s emergency department with high temperature, vague abdominal and chest pain, low blood pressure and severe sepsis with acute renal failure.

The surgical team led by Dr Fadi Bassam Almahameed, consultant surgeon and chair of surgery, conducted a CT-scan, which revealed necrosis in the muscles of the chest wall, abdominal wall and scrotum.

Rameshver was immediately admitted to the ICU and administered broad-spectrum antibiotics before undergoing surgery. Dr Mariam Rashed Al Mehairbi, deputy CMO, Department of Medical Affairs, Madinat Zayed Hospital, noted the surgical team developed a comprehensive treatment plan across multiple specialties.

“The general surgery team performed aggressive debridement of the chest wall and abdominal wall muscles while the urology team performed debridement for the necrotic tissue from the scrotum,” said Al Mehairbi. “Rameshver was then transferred back to the ICU for the treatment of multiple organ failure that resulted from severe sepsis. Several sessions of debridement were performed to remove dead tissue and necrosis until he recovered.”

Saeed Thani Al Mazroui, hospital director, added: “Although necrotising fasciitis is a rare and challenging condition to treat, our team was able to swiftly and expertly care for Rameshver. The state-of-the-art technology and experienced team at Madinat Zayed allow us to take on such challenges with confidence.”

Madinat Zayed Hospital is part of the Al Dhafra Hospitals that falls under Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (Seha).

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