Kaminomoto: Revitalise your hair from the roots


 Kaminomoto: Revitalise your hair from the roots
Kaminomoto uses ingredients extracted from Japanese medicinal plants, such as Masaki, Kamigen E and K, CS Base, etc., which are internationally registered under the brand.

Kaminomoto brings century-old effective remedy for various hair-related conditions


Farhana Chowdhury

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Published: Sun 22 Oct 2017, 12:00 AM

Last updated: Sun 22 Oct 2017, 2:00 AM

Hair is considered a symbol of good health. However, it may be subject to loss due to climatic conditions and genetics. As the global phenomenon affects people of various ages, it is ideal to adopt an effective remedy in advance, such as Kaminomoto's range of hair care products.
Kaminomoto is a name that resonates with healthy scalp and hair. The Japanese brand, established in 1908, leads a rich legacy of hair care products with a specialised blend of ingredients that are derived from Japanese plants and natural extracts.
Withstanding the test of time, Kaminomoto is an enriched and scientifically proven product that not only helps strengthen and restore hair from the roots, but also helps its users regain their confidence.
"Our portfolio is dedicated to the full range of hair care products, which have been developed by blending modern scientific research and traditional Japanese medicines," said Dr. Azmet Merchant, Managing Director of Japan Emirates Trading, who shared that the word Kaminomoto roughly translates to "the essence of hair".

Dr. Azmet Merchant, Managing Director Japan Emirates Trading
The secret behind Kaminomoto lies in its use of ingredients that are extracted from Japanese medicinal plants, such as Masaki, Kamigen E and K, CS Base, etc., which are internationally registered under the brand.
Kaminomoto hair growth products are oil-free and quickly gets absorbed into the scalp, thanks to a unique non-rinse formula. It has no side effects, and combats the feeling of greasiness that many people dread, making Kaminomoto a favourable product to use at any time of the day. It is also safe for use on pregnant and lactating women.

Kaminomoto's portfolio includes:

Kaminomoto Hair Growth Accelerator: Specialises in accelerating re-growth of hair and cures issues such as itchy and oily scalp.
Kaminomoto Hair Growth Tonic: An excellent cure for dandruff, as well as hormonal hair loss such as in childbirth. It is a super hair tonic that prevents premature hair loss.
Kaminomoto Mild Shampoo: Ideal for thin and fragile hair or itchy and irritated scalp.
Kaminomoto Nourishing Conditioner: Contains Jojoba oil, and nourishes the hair to keep it soft, manageable and healthy.
Kaminomoto Hair Growth Trigger: The only product available with Japanese Masaki extract that triggers the growth of new hair, strengthens it and adds moisture back into the hair. It is very effective against Male pattern baldness.

Regular use of Kaminomoto guarantees results, according to Dr. Merchant, which is what has earned it a loyal and ever-increasing consumer base.
"Our products have been very well accepted not just in the UAE, but all over the Middle East, India and Africa. Kaminomoto has been marketing these products for over 100 years. No company can survive that long if they do not deliver what they promise," said Dr. Merchant, adding that Kaminomoto gets to the Root of your Hair - a tagline that has stayed true for over a century. 
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Operating from its base in the UAE since 2003, Japan Emirates Trading handles the distribution of Kaminomoto products, and brings the 100-year-old trusted solution for hair-related ailments closer to residents across the UAE, Middle East and India.
For more information, visit: www.japanemiratestrading.com

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