UAE: New platform launched for people of determination wishing to get married

'Mabrook Madabart' programme provides digital services to facilitate marriage and supports youth to cut costs and make the process easier

By Wam

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Sheikh Saif and Sheikh Khalid at the launch of Mabrook Madabart programme in Abu Dhabi. — Wam
Sheikh Saif and Sheikh Khalid at the launch of Mabrook Madabart programme in Abu Dhabi. — Wam

Published: Fri 16 Sep 2022, 10:36 PM

Last updated: Sat 17 Sep 2022, 12:10 AM

Lt-Gen Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, launched a family stability support programme "Mabrook Madabart", Arabic for 'Congratulations on your Marriage'.

The programme was launched in the presence of Sheikh Khalid bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination (ZHO).

The programme is for the marriage of people of determination as part of Abu Dhabi’s unified government services system "Tamm." It also comes as part of an initiative that supports and encourages this community group by providing services to facilitate the building and formation of happy, stable and cohesive families. This will contribute to creating a system of stability and family coexistence for people of determination who are about to get married, thus achieving social cohesion and promoting social integration by encouraging marriage, ensuring empowerment and a decent life for people of determination.

The programme comes following cooperation between ZHO and the Federal Demographic Council, as well as six other entities, Majalis Abudabi in the Presidential Court - Abu Dhabi, the Ministry of Community Development (MoCD), the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, the Family Development Foundation (FDF), Abu Dhabi Digital Authority and G42 Healthcare.

The programme "Mabrook Madabart" provides digital services for people of determination who are about to get married by facilitating their marriage, meeting the social needs of citizens who happen to be people of determination in Abu Dhabi and providing the best levels of service. It supports youth to cut marriage costs and make it easier.

The "Mabrook Madabart" programme is linked with the relevant institutions and provides a calendar of the dates of all annual mass wedding ceremonies that will take place in Abu Dhabi during the year. Its aim is to plan in advance so that the would-be couples from different categories of people of determination and to allow them to choose the appropriate date and location for them. Moral support, awareness and guidance support services, including family counselling and guidance, are also provided.

The programme features specialised training courses for would-be couples from different categories of people of determination, provided that they attend at least one course each day. It also includes courses offered by the ZHO, including introducing the couple to each other and partner selection, dealing with the needs of the partner who is a person of determination, external relations maintained by the person of determination’s family, having children and parenting. The Family Development Foundation also offers courses within the preparation service for would-be couples, including, marital compatibility, understanding the partner, effective communication, emotional gratification, conflict management, and financial planning for spouses.

The programme helps people of determination who are about to get married to submit applications for a marriage grant, in addition to applying for the housing programme online for citizens of Abu Dhabi, while identifying the housing requirements that meet their needs.

Abdullah Abdul Aali Al Humaidan, Secretary-General of Zayed Higher Organisation for People of Determination, stated that based on the organisation’s role and vision towards equal rights that deepen happiness and community empowerment for people of determination and ensure their empowerment and raise the level of their independence and effectiveness within the community, the launch of the family stability support programme "Mabrook Madabart" comes as part of the organisation’s keenness to provide ways to form stable families for those couples. He added that the programme helps to build stronger societies based on solidarity, cohesion, and interdependence, by supporting and assisting those wishing to marry and facing many social and economic difficulties and challenges hindering the achievement of this goal. In addition, the programme provides facilities by involving a number of concerned institutions in this initiative.

Al Humaidan extended his sincere thanks to Sheikh Saif for launching the "Mabrook Madabart" programme and to Sheikh Khalid for People of Determination, for attending the launching ceremony. He stated: "The launch of the "Mabrook Madabart" programme in cooperation with six government entities is a positive step towards supporting people of determination at an important stage in their lives to ensure they will lead a decent life thanks to the social welfare systems."

Moza Al Akraf Al Suwaidi, Under-Secretary of the Ministry of Community Development, stated that the partnership between the ministry and ZHO and several relevant authorities enhances and facilitates the procedures and services that people of determination deserve. She noted that the ministry supports this initiative in all possible ways. It provides a database of people of determination across the country which includes all updates in terms of categories, ages, educational levels, geographical distribution, and so on. It provides marriage grants in accordance with the approved terms and conditions, in addition to opportunities. It encourages them to benefit from the mass wedding service adopted by the ministry to support the building of stable and happy families.

Al Suwaidi confirmed that the ministry has recently included the awareness programme (Edaad) on its electronic platform, allowing youth who are about to be married to use the programme around the clock in both Arabic and English, in addition, to sign language. This programme emerges from the ministry's keenness to expand the targeted youth groups, both males and females, across the country.

Dr Mohamed Abdel Hamid Al Askar, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority, stated that the launch of "Mabrook Madabart" as part of Abu Dhabi’s unified government services system "Tamm" reflects the cooperation of government entities in Abu Dhabi, and their commitment to work together to drive digital transformation forward and provide them with an exceptional customer experience that guarantees the highest standards of comfort.

He said: "The Tamm system provides interactive digital channels designed to meet the needs of the Abu Dhabi community in a smooth and fast way. Through modern technologies and innovative features of the "Tamm" system, it is now possible to easily access more than 700 digital government services, which contributes to improving the wellbeing and welfare of society and achieving the highest levels of happiness and satisfaction with the government services provided in Abu Dhabi."

Maryam Mohamed Al Rumaithi, Director-General of the Family Development Foundation, said that "Mabrook Madabart" rolled out by the ZHO reflects its interest in ensuring a happy life for its people of determination.

Dr Mohamed Rashid Al Hamli, Director-General of the Abu Dhabi Housing Authority, said: "Abu Dhabi Housing Authority is keen to cooperate with various authorities in launching the family stability support programme, Mabrook Madabart.”

"The launch of the "Mabrook Madabart" programme is an important strategic step to support an important and valuable category of citizens, that is the people of determination, who receive the attention, care and follow-up of the judicious leadership.”

Customer's journey to sign up for programme

A person of determination will log into the electronic platform of the "Mabrook Madabart" programme, using his/her Emirates ID, sign up on the programme’s website, sign the necessary declarations electronically, and pick a date for marriage. The customer’s details will be reviewed and upon approval, a direct application will be made so that he/she can proactively receive a package of comprehensive government services, including the application to take part in the celebration of the mass wedding, and applying for a marriage grant, in addition to applying to the housing programme online for Abu Dhabi citizens. The customer shall specify his/her housing requirements that meet his/her needs and sign up to attend specialised training courses tailored for would-be couples.

Specialised training courses properly qualify people of determination who are about to be married so they can go through this crucial step in their lives. The courses also help them face any challenges to form cohesive families, provide family support and guidance, support them in financial planning, and provide healthcare for spouses.

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