Gaming in the UAE: How much does a professional gamer earn?

Dubai - Top prizes in a competition in the US can reach up to $200,000, with the prize pool touching $1 million.

By Shajar Khan

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Published: Tue 29 Jun 2021, 10:41 AM

Last updated: Tue 29 Jun 2021, 12:31 PM

Most gamers have as many as two streams of revenue. That is why numerous professional gamers have amassed an enormous fortune while at their peak.

Prize money:

Top prizes in a competition in the US can reach up to $200,000 for solitary success. The prize pool for the competition's victor is estimated at $1,000,000. This colossal sum will be split between the group, which consists of 5 to 6 players. In 2017, Dota 2 International had an absolute competition prize pool of more than $24 million. The primary spot traded out $10 million in cash prizes.

A favourable player should win in any event one significant competition to be perceived as an expert gamer. This will likewise make him a commonly recognised name in the local gaming area.

Normal salaries:

Not all expert gaming groups have month-to-month pay. The number of organisations that offer scheduled compensation is expanding. Professional gamers procure up to $15,000 separated from their cash from their different avenues like products and cash prizes. Month-to-month compensations depend on various things. A player should have a history of triumph. The more competitions the player wins, the higher the player's worth.


Expert gamers receive a reward on top of their customary compensations, particularly after a triumph. When a group wins, they are constantly referenced in various gaming networks and computerised channels. It gives significant media mileage to the organisation that claims them. Rewards can reach as high as $20,000 per competition.


There are a ton of organisations that support proficient gamers. Brands of caffeinated beverages and PC frills are usually the kind of organisations that pay a significant amount. Players are required to utilise those items when they are playing. This is also the motivation behind why they wear a coat loaded with their backers' logos when having a match. Besides monetary compensation, players also receive many rewards.


A few professional gamers are acquiring an extra $5,000 a month by streaming their games. Some of them give a pass-up blow record of how they play with explicit characters, while others do instructional exercises. Streaming improves their standing as an ever-increasing number of individuals can perceive how they play the game. These types of revenue are the reasons why proficient internet gaming is a real vocation.

Are browser-based games relevant?

This question is often asked as the reason for this is that mobile games have become more accessible due to everyone being able to travel around with mobiles. Web gaming has come a long way with rapid technological advancements. Web games are getting more powerful and advanced than they were eight years ago at their peak.

Avid gamers to date spend hours of their time in front of a laptop playing games. Mobile games are portable and convenient. Simultaneously, web games are also addictive and entertaining. The younger millennials (25-30) and older Gen Z's (18-25) spent most of their childhood playing browser games. Websites like Miniclip, Cartoon Network HQ, Happytree, Agame, Krunker were some dominating browser game websites that became very popular.

The best part about browser games is that installation is not needed. The nostalgia associated with these games makes them so addictive and relevant amongst children of all ages and adults. Adults still play most browser games as it reminds them of times that were more straightforward and advanced technology did not exist.

Browser games will never go out of style because of all their history. They are the games that paved the way for the gaming industry to grow so massively, paving the path for gaming technology to evolve, gaming careers, and make our lives better and easier.

How many hours do professional gamers invest in gaming?

11% of video gamers spend six hours every week gaming. Almost 33% play over seven hours every week and 17% playing over 12 hours per week. Gamers in Germany invest the most energy playing an estimate of seven hours per week. South Korea had the most reduced week at five hours. Japan and the UK had the most gamers who play over 20 hours every week at 12% and 10% separately. Gamers age 26-35 invest the most energy playing 7.5 hours in seven days. Gamers aged 60 and above spend the least, at 4.7 hours playing games.

To be an expert, you need to survey your games and right your errors or possibly play intellectually and condition yourself to have the option to settle on the appropriate choices. To be extraordinary, you need to improve your mechanical expertise just as mental solidarity to defeat difficulty in your games and your gaming life. Gaming at a professional level is tied in with having the option to perform at top execution continually, just as having the option to settle on the correct choices in distressing circumstances in a very small space. In general, there are a ton of regions that should be satisfied and sharpened to contend at an undeniable level against others. Everything relies upon who has the devotion to continue playing and learning and developing into a better player to contend with the enormous ones.

Is gaming an expensive hobby?

Yes, gaming is a costly hobby. Gaming equipment (comforts, good quality PC equipment, peripherals and so forth) is costly. On the off chance that you are continually pursuing the front line, you will be paying a premium. Games are costly at dispatch and lose esteem rapidly and are simply getting costlier with miniature transitions, season passes and many unique versions turning into the standard. If you are patient and are not interested in purchasing the latest equipment and games, it can be an affordable pastime. PC equipment is harder to buy and sell because costs can differ enormously everywhere in the world anyway.

Steam, Good Old Games and Green Man Gaming have deals throughout the entire year, so you can purchase fascinating games for affordable rates if you are gaming on a PC. Standing by three months can permit you to get games at enormously discounted costs. There are a ton of free games out there, and some of them are even famous. Games such as the League of Legends are a good example.

Gaming can get costly if you continue to advance. You need a good gaming PC to play easily, quicker web games that are not F2P, miniature exchanges, memberships etc. Contingent upon how much and what you need to do, it can get costly. For instance, you need to get games as they get delivered instead of waiting for marked down prices sometime in the future. You may end up spending $10-20 more than what you would have if you waited for a few months. It is advised to plan and budget accordingly.

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