BTS fans demand apology from Korean Media over HYBE success claims

A new TV show 'Hangout With Yoo' implied that HYBE was 'built up' by Seventeen rather than BTS

By Agencies

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The 13 member Seventeen
The 13 member Seventeen

Published: Sun 21 Apr 2024, 5:54 PM

BTS fans are expressing outrage after MBC TV's show Hangout With Yoo implied that HYBE was "built up" by Seventeen rather than BTS, according to a report by Hindustan Times. The teaser for the upcoming episode featuring Seventeen's sub-unit BSS, released on April 20, showcased a visit to HYBE's headquarters, with a caption suggesting it was built up by Seventeen.

Although the teaser aimed to highlight Seventeen's contribution to HYBE, BTS ARMY felt it undermined BTS' legacy. They criticized MBC for allegedly distorting history and erasing BTS' pivotal role in HYBE's success. Fans emphasized BTS' role in transforming HYBE from its origins as Bighit Entertainment to its current status as a multi-label entertainment powerhouse.

The backlash escalated into a BTS vs Seventeen debate, with fans of both groups defending their idols' contributions. BTS fans emphasised the group's instrumental role in HYBE's growth, while Seventeen fans highlighted their group's impact on Pledis Entertainment, which later merged with HYBE. The controversy underscores the passionate loyalty of K-pop fandoms and the importance of recognising artists' contributions to their agencies' success.

Korean boy band BTS
Korean boy band BTS

Many rose in Seventeen's defence with tweets like “Please stop dragging Seventeen over something they did not even say. They've been doing so well for years even before the acquisition.”

Another tweet read: "You guys are so low for making it as if svt's the one who put that subs. Stop barking at the wrong tree."


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