Lebanon: Call for reform


Published: Mon 10 Aug 2020, 10:21 AM

Last updated: Mon 10 Aug 2020, 12:23 PM

The Lebanese have a right to feel frustrated and distraught after years of political standoff and sectarian unrest and strife. The tiny nation is burning from within as its politicians, the elite, and warlords continue to hold sway and refuse to loosen their grip on power. The taking over of the foreign ministry by protesters shows the extent of anger after last week's massive blast in the port area of Beirut. The people are asking: where is the accountability? They are unlikely to get answers, 
as always. 
The Lebanese government has failed miserably on the economy and in shoring up the country's institutions. Pulled from all directions, it cannot be expected to last long. The strain is showing already with ministers resigning. An interim government of unity is a solution to rebuild the country from scratch. But will the elite and power brokers allow it?
Aid for Lebanon without the country cleaning up its political mess and rolling out systemic reforms could be a wasted and futile exercise. There are also external actors like Iran and internal proxies like Hezbollah who serve to complicate its crises. It is about time they are driven out and the Lebanese take charge of their own destiny.

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