Coronavirus: Oh for a hug and handshake, when will normal return?


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Democratic US presidential candidates former vice-president Joe Biden and senator Bernie Sanders do an elbow bump in place of a handshake.

Dubai - How we long to do the things we took so much for granted.

By Bikram Vohra?

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Published: Mon 30 Mar 2020, 1:36 PM

Last updated: Mon 30 Mar 2020, 3:52 PM

Was it just yesterday that my troubles seemed so far away? And was it just yesterday that we went to a movie and ate popcorn and nachos and got sticky fingers from the melted cheese. Slurped a cold drink.

How I long for yesterday! To do the things we took so much for granted and what was once normal. Like trawling the aisles of the supermarket and buying stinging nettle fortified juice just for the heck of it, because it was there. Catching a flight that may not have been bound for Singapore, just anywhere, making new friends at airports, wondering why yours was the only flight that was delayed, Murphy's law kicking in. The sheer pleasure of a holiday. Checking into a hotel.

Simple things. Like going for a swim, picnic in the park, a splash on the beach, coming home to a live T20 on the TV. Really, we have been invited for a dinner, how nice, love to come, but cannot, wriggling out of the invitation. Today, dressed and ready, pining for some trivial conversation, a bit of back chat, some hazing, just that super madness of being with friends. Friends passing through in transit, of course, have dinner with us, what fun, was it only a few weeks ago. Driving for the fun of it, hunting for parking space, even being diddled out of it.

Picking up kids from school, playdates and homework, taking a drive just for fun, picking up a game of tennis or squash or badminton, office tea and coffee, missing the comradeship, how the world has turned and tripped on its axis, a sudden celebratory dinner in a fancy restaurant, count your blessings, a birthday, an anniversary, where does the happiness ride in, cycling on the track, walking Rover, a camp in the desert, ice cream in the sun, tickets to a concert, we had good seats, how were yours?

The whole tactile thing. Hugging grandkids goodnight. Holding hands and walking into the sunset. A hand shake and a clasp, once the equivalent of your word. So much for the helping hand. Touching a doorknob without thinking it is toxic.

Getting dressed formally. Wearing shoes. Singing in the rain.

Where did it all go? When will it come back, this topsy turvy world. Was it really only yesterday?

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