It is all about love and the trueness of the moment

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It is all about  love and the trueness of the moment
Being passionate and considerate for your loved ones, and for those who matter is the beauty behind the thought.

Valentine's Day is for the loved ones, those who are in love. and want to be in love!

By Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri

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Published: Tue 31 Jan 2017, 8:41 AM

Last updated: Tue 31 Jan 2017, 10:57 AM

Valentine's Day is all about showing love and caring for your loved ones. The culture of Valentine's Day has come a long way, as no longer applies just to fiancées or spouses! It is dedicated to those you care about, and with whom you would want to express your sentiments on this special day.
Affection and emotions have entered a broader horizon, as love knows no boundaries. As love is in the air, so does the heart beat for everyone. On this festive day, it is romance that counts and stays around for times to come. This is why the day is for the loved ones, those who are in love. and want to be in love!
Celebrated on February 14, people express their feelings by exchanging cards, candy, gifts or flowers with their heartthrobs. As their 'special valentine' grips their head and heart, this is the time to utter those few words that go on to make a difference. Reciprocation is a must on this special day, and it is the essence and concept for which this day is memorable. The day of romance we call Valentine's Day dates back to the 5th century, with origins in the Roman civilisation as well.
Being passionate and considerate for your loved ones, and for those who matter is the beauty behind the thought. Let this feeling of being cared for and touched by the heart live on with simplicity and generosity. It is a moment to get immaterial in a materialistic world.
The UAE with its richness, diversity and compassionate culture has much to add to this special occasion of love. Let the mosaic of sharing and reaching out to each other, blossom.

Dubai residents share their thoughts on the day of love:

Hasnain Haider, Salesperson
I want to be in love, and look for a companion who can be my destiny and love for the rest of my life. As I'm new to Dubai, the city of colours and life, I wish I can find love when it comes my way.

Shahzada Ejaz has this to say to Amna:

I love you not because I need you. But I need you because I love you.

Yasir has a simple and direct message to his better half, Ennah:
You will always be my one true love, sweetheart.

Mariam Shibib, Founder of the Pomegranate Language Institute

In my opinion, Valentine's Day is highly commercialised and those who are lonely go into further depression. Although it is a good idea to express our love through gifts, one should be inspired and extend the generosity throughout the year. There's no point in limiting it to only one day; spreading and sharing love means doing it always. Also, Valentine's Day should not be celebrated with your partner only, but family and friends should also become a part of the celebration.

Mir Imran, Banker

Opposites always attract each other', we studied this in Physics in school, but little did I know that I would experience this for lifetime. Months of long chats during courtship were an indication that my fiancé, Zainab, is a cheerful person who welcomes the world with open arms. Unlike my usual organised way, calculations, tidiness and structured approach of life, she is someone who embraces each day with good and hardships it has to offer. The thing I love is her ability to make each moment memorable. Madness, enthusiasm and excitement make each day a Valentine. It's so real and awesome.

Gur Rayat, Public Relations Professional
It is lovely to see how most individuals await for this one day to express their love to dear ones. However, I trust that love is a feeling that should be expressed as is when you recognise it within you. I strongly believe that love shouldn't only be limited to your immediate family or partner. It should also be expressed with other individuals if you think it can bring joy to their lives! Now, that is love! To me, Valentine's Day is yet another opportunity to #ShareHappiness and #ShareLove. Let's spread love and joy at every other opportunity you can possibly get.

Luana Lombardo, Cognitive Trainer

People think Valentine's Day has become very commercial, but I strongly believe there should be one day dedicated exclusively for love. In today's busy world when nobody has time for spending time together, celebrating this occasion has become very important so people can express their warmth and affection. Love is a beautiful feeling and it's wonderful that specific days are devoted for expressing emotions towards our loved ones like our parents, partners, siblings and friends.

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